The Scariest Book in the Whole Entire World

Children - Grade K-3rd
39 Pages
Reviewed on 11/01/2019
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite

“This book unfortunately belongs to (space for name)” are the first words. They precede even the title, The Scariest Book in the Whole Entire World. No children were present, unfortunately, because I laughed aloud all the way through, it’s so gloriously funny. Joey Acker has written it in the first person from the point of view of a simply sketched but expressive character to whom any child could relate. He, or she – usefully, it could be either – is not scared, much. There is a warning that you, the reader, could turn back, but, of course, one doesn’t, and no child is likely to let you, even though the poor unnamed soul begs you to close the book because he/she would escape experiencing the horrors again.

What I liked most about Joey Acker’s writing is his chatty style. There are all sorts of things that might genuinely frighten a young child. Read The Scariest Book in the Whole Entire World and common fears, such as the rats that come to the cheese, and the ghost who MIGHT be around, and spiders will be banished. Long words, common but not “proper” words, and the mixed font mean the book must be read aloud by an adult and the child will laugh with you. AHHHHHH!!!! it got dark, but all the darkness hides is Bobo the clown. There are more horrors tackled – buy it, read it, preferably to a child in case anybody’s watching. The Scariest Book in the Whole Entire World is both marvelous fun and a practical way to deal with “nightmares”.