The Sleeping Warrior

Fiction - Fantasy - General
330 Pages
Reviewed on 01/23/2014
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Author Biography

Sara Bain is a fantasy author and, although she prefers to write loosely in the epic style, likes to think she takes a unique approach to the genre that will make it more accessible to all fans of quality fiction.
She has enjoyed a career in writing and publishing. Sara is a freelance newspaper journalist, graphic designer and photographer and has just started up her own publishing company called Ivy Moon Press.
Dark Dawn, the first book of her epic fantasy, The Scrolls of Deyesto, is due to be published later in the year.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Danielle Pinzon for Readers' Favorite

The Sleeping Warrior is a fantasy-mystery novel by Sara Bain and introduces you quickly to the mystery and the crime. Consulting lawyer Libby Butler is asked to come in at the dead of night to help London police charge a suspect in the murders of several women in the area. What she meets is definitely not something she is prepared for. A young man who introduced himself as Gabriel Radley is a mystery, both in appearance and in origin, and it's only Libby's instincts that tell of his innocence. When a policewoman is found dead not long after their meeting, Gabriel asks for Libby's help to recover a stone that would aid in the capture of a monstrous evil that no one would be prepared for. What follows is a story filled with action, suspense, and mystery as Libby tries her best to do the right thing, despite the fragile threads of her life coming apart.

I particularly enjoyed The Sleeping Warrior, not only because of the mystery and fantasy element, but the way Bain described her characters. Bain demonstrates a talent for characterization that is easy to relate to, despite the fantasy element. Amidst the whimsical and imaginative world of cults and the suggestion of higher powers, the core of The Sleeping Warrior is discovering and making peace with oneself. This element made the book remarkable in its own right.

Bill Daly

The Sleeping Warrior breaks the traditional mould of established 'genres' by skilfully fusing elements of a crime novel with dark fantasy.
Written in beautifully crafted prose, Sara Bain creates a world the reader can believe in, popululated by mysterious characters with mystical powers, while set in a modern-day environment.
This is an exciting, challenging book - the first of many, I hope, from Ms Bain