The Spirit Field Adventures


Young Adult - Fantasy - Urban
334 Pages
Reviewed on 09/26/2017
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Author Biography

Adam Hitz has spent his career in accounting but now can add author to his list of accomplishments. He lives in central Wisconsin with his family.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark by Adam M Hitz is a spellbinding urban fantasy, a story with strong characters and a huge personal and interpersonal conflict. It isn’t until the class trip to the Smithsonian that twelve-year-old Brandon discovers that he has a special gift. He can sense the emotions and hear the thoughts of others very clearly. Yes, he has the ability to warp, to bond with the spirit field and connect with the energy that unites all things, and he is one of the rare people with such a gift. Others with such a gift must keep it hidden; otherwise, they get hunted and imprisoned by the Lords, and now the Lords know of Brandon’s gift. They will have to bring Brandon in, no matter what it takes. The young protagonist grows up pretty quickly and has to make decisions that will alter his life and unveil the power in him. But can he outrun the Lords?

This is a well-written story and the events that unfold are masterfully developed to become very clear in the reader’s mind. The author does an awesome job with the point-of-view and offers vivid descriptions of scenes and characters right from the beginning. The reader can’t forget the small details about the physical appearance of the protagonist, a young boy with brown hair and blue eyes. The plot is well-imagined and crafted with mastery, with surprises planted at unexpected moments; it has a great pacing which makes it just impossible for the reader to put the book down. The characters are well-developed and readers will be keen on following them. From the strong conflict to the excellent prose, from the powerful use of literary elements like contrast and symbolism to the well-developed themes, The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark opens an exciting world for the reader. Adam M Hitz offers great entertainment.

Melinda Hills

Brandon is a bright boy who, at 12 years of age, is pushed into a remarkable position – to use powers he has that he doesn’t understand to try to save the world. The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark by Adam M. Hitz follows Brandon as he tries to make sense of the cryptic messages he receives from the Smithsonian tour guide, Tom, and learn about warp, some type of world-altering ability. Unfortunately, he has to leave his family to keep them safe and travel where he is led, which turns out to be to the cabin of an old bear with similar warp ability.

In the meantime, other children are demonstrating amazing abilities that draw the attention of the Lords, a group determined to control the entire world through fear and the threat of terrorist attacks. When Brandon and his three new friends face off with Steve, the North American leader of the Lords, things get more than a little crazy. With help from unknown forces, Brandon and his friends manage to evade Steve, but there are more forces at work than anyone seems to understand and whose side they are on is anyone’s guess. How it will all turn out leaves you curious to the end!

For great young adult fantasy, The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark by Adam M. Hitz is a wonderful story. With unique characters that have plenty to offer as individuals as well as a group, you quickly get caught up in the action and hold your breath as new challenges continually arise. It is obvious that there is more to come because the action leaves you with unanswered questions and the promise of even more exciting action to move the plot along. Great characters and amazing imagination and development.

Christian Sia

The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark by Adam M Hitz is young urban fantasy with strong elements of the supernatural, a well-crafted story that is as inspiring as it is entertaining. The reader is plunged into a world where things aren’t the way they seem to be. There are people with the extraordinary gift to warp, that is, the gift to connect with a universal consciousness, the ability to bond with the spirit field. These people can connect with the energy that links everything.

On a class trip to the Smithsonian, twelve-year-old Brandon accidentally discovers that he has the exceptional gift to warp, because he suddenly discovers that he can hear the thoughts of others and feel them. Now, he becomes a person of interest to a shady group known as the Lords, a group that is determined to capture everyone with this gift. Brandon’s life is suddenly changed as he fights to stay alive, while struggling to master his gift, pursued by a group that is as powerful as it is ruthless.

This is a riveting story that will have a strong appeal to fans of I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, a story that explores the need for control and the quest for power. The characters are memorable and readers won’t find it hard connecting with the young protagonist. I love stories where characters evolve and Adam M Hitz did a great job in showing the growth process of the protagonist. The writing is great, highly descriptive and powerfully insightful. I also enjoyed the strong conflict and how it enhances the plot. There is a lot of good stuff to say about The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark, and I would recommend it to readers who are looking for something fun, balanced, and well written.