The Time Slipsters

The Time Slipsters

Fiction - Science Fiction
352 Pages
Reviewed on 09/11/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

The Time Slipsters by Terry Tumbler is a gripping sci-fi story with a powerful concept, an exhilarating adventure, and a pulsating plot. Terry Tumbler, struck by an insane idea that he may have visited Turkey in another incarnation, convinces his wife to make a trip to this fascinating country and enjoy the beauty and wonders it offers. It doesn’t take much time to convince Sandra and some other friends to join them. Soon, an enthusiastic group is ready for the memorable trip, and the travel agency has done an amazing job in offering the latest car model with alien technology. But little do they know that the car is a vehicle with exceptional capabilities of time travel. The group is about to have an extraordinary experience as they meet a time-traveling stranger who takes them under his wing. It is when they find themselves in a hidden and protected location that they discover that some in the group have hidden agendas, and what have the hybrid creatures and mythology to do with all this?

You’ll pick this book if you’re looking for something not your usual run-of-the-mill science fiction, something with a twist, with originality and excitement. One thing I hate about most sci-fi authors is that they want to create a very complex world with clues for readers to unravel, but what makes a story very interesting to some readers is the simplicity of the concept upon which the story is built and Terry Tumbler seems to grasp this idea clearly. This is a rollicking story that is character focused and that creates the kind of entertainment readers look for, thanks to the masterful blend of humor and high storytelling skills. The Time Slipsters will transport readers to an exciting world with characters that reflect the worlds of their fantasies. I had to read this book through the night.