The Waning Moon

The Waning Moon

An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 2

Fiction - Fantasy - Urban
348 Pages
Reviewed on 10/05/2017
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Reviewed by Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorite

Magic has almost disappeared from our world, due to the influence of first the industrial revolution, and then the technological revolution, but unknown to most of us mere mortals, magic creatures - werewolves, shifters, vampires, witches, and Fae - still live amongst us. Eleanor Morgan is a Fae Princess whose task it is to open the gates and allow magic back into our world, to try to restore the balance to earth, destroyed by humanity’s relentless drive for power and technology. Assisted by her mate, a werewolf called Isaac, a witch called Florence, and a rather gorgeous, ancient vampire by the name of Raj, Eleanor must fight off those determined to stop her opening the magic portals. In The Waning Moon by Amy Cissell, Eleanor will attempt to open two more of these portals. As each gate to the magic world is opened, more and more of man’s technology will die, leaving humanity struggling for survival in a world without electricity, communication and the comforts of the modern day life.

I’m not a regular reader of fantasy, werewolves, and magic, but Amy Cissell’s The Waning Moon certainly captured my attention. I found the humour and gentle sarcasm of the characters right up my alley. By writing this in the first person, through Eleanor’s eyes, the author has given us entry into her mind, her thinking and her turmoil about the task she is entrusted with. I found this totally refreshing and exciting. For me, the best character had to be the thousand-year-old vampire, Raj. His constant innuendo and double-entendre kept Eleanor on her toes and me, as a reader, totally engaged with the story. The Waning Moon is the second in the Eleanor Morgan series and I think I can pay Cissell no greater compliment than to say reading this book inspires me to read the first book in the series and to continue with the entire series, as it is completed. This is a winner and one of the best in its genre that I’ve read of late.

Liz Konkel

The Waning Moon by Amy Cissell is the second Eleanor Morgan novel. Following a betrayal, Eleanor has found trusted allies in Florence and Isaac, who take part in her journey to destroy the fabric of humankind in order to restore balance. Eleanor doesn't expect to form a friendship with the mysterious vampire, Raj, who shows up at random, offering his help and flirty comments. When Florence reveals a prophecy that foresees three battles and a bond that could save her's and Isaac's lives, she's willing to do whatever it takes if it means keeping him alive. The prediction of a great sorrow has her on alert while the time to open the next gate grows closer, threatening to take everything away from her.

Amy Cissell has a brilliant core group of characters that play off each other with a sizzling chemistry. Raj is more than just the seductive vampire; he's a friend and confidant that adds as much heart to a scene as he does humor. Florence is the best friend that everyone needs, the person that believes in you while also telling the truth that you may not want to hear. Now that Eleanor has fully embraced her role, and formed a makeshift family, she's struggling with the guilt of destroying the world and the difficulty of letting her walls down in her relationship with Isaac. She's strong, independent, with a fun, sassy attitude, and doesn't care what anyone thinks, making her a brilliant and flawed heroine. Isaac and Eleanor's relationship is still new, with both figuring out how to make it work, but they've found a safe place with each other that's sweet, charming, and seductive. The Waning Moon is a can't-miss fantasy adventure with humor, snark, and fun banter. A must-read!

Divine Zape

The Waning Moon by Amy Cissell is the second book in An Eleanor Morgan Novel series, a thrilling story for fans of urban fantasy, character-driven and focused. The passage between the mortal world and that of the fairies is under a very serious threat and Eleanor Morgan and her friends are on a mission to restore the magical balance of the world. Having known betrayal from her best friend, the young Eleanor has to learn to trust again. Follow her adventure as she struggles to balance her personal life with a shaky relationship with Isaac on the one hand, and learning to enhance her gifts on the other. She’ll encounter powerful enemies, her trust will be tested, and she will learn to choose her allies carefully. But can she complete her mission before the world falls apart?

The Waning Moon reminded me of the style of L.J. Smith, the author of Vampire Diaries. Amy Cissell has a wonderful gift for prose and great storytelling skills. From the very beginning of the story, I was pulled in by the exciting dialogues and the author’s ability to convey her character’s thoughts clearly through the dialogues. The point of view comes out neatly and at no time in the narrative does the reader feel confused. I enjoyed the powerful descriptions of scenes and the colorful setting, plus the masterful development in plot and conflict. The protagonist is a character that readers will stick with and the way she evolves through the story is lovely. This is a great and entertaining story with many levels of success, including the flawless writing, the exciting dialogues, the memorable characters and the enchanting world the readers are invited to navigate. A great read, indeed.