Young Adult - Romance
255 Pages
Reviewed on 07/11/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite

“I’m sorry to bother you, but aren’t you London Carstairs?” These are not unusual words to London. Her fame as a young, world-renowned model presents challenges everywhere she goes. In an attempt to present herself in the downplayed image she desires, London acquiesces to many a request for autographs and photos. It just made life simpler if she did not make a big deal about it. Which was her goal for this entire summer. A break from modelling and public appearances was exactly what she needed, even if, and maybe because, her dominating mother adamantly disproved.

This summer would be London’s summer to be normal. The opportunity to work at a normal job at a normal swimming pool with normal colleagues sounds like heaven. And, well…normal. It doesn’t hurt that she is partnered with the ridiculously handsome Trane Braxton, a tenured life guard with the personality of a snake. Trane obviously did not like people nor did he appear to like her company. As Trane concentrates on his aloof demeanor, London inserts herself into his life and his heart, unaware of just how dangerous this might be.

Thief by Elena Dillon may appear to be just another Romeo and Juliet story, but her star-crossed lovers are a bold mix of determination and true love. Thief is a must-read for the young adult population and romance enthusiasts of all ages. Dillon’s penchant for believable characters and realistic dialogue provides an intoxicating mix that demands pages to be turned until the very end.