Thin Ice

Heart & Endurance Book 2

Romance - Suspense
159 Pages
Reviewed on 12/29/2019
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Thin Ice is the second novel in the Heart & Endurance Series by J.S. Marlo. This is the story of a mother who is trying to find her only son. Julie Lavoie faced tragedy all her life. Trouble seemed to find her wherever she went, but she always kept her chin up and made sure she lived her life on her own terms. Her biggest test came when her son disappeared. Thierry was a young boy full of life, but he suddenly vanished one day. He was going to a hockey tournament, but he never came home. Where did he go? What happened to him? Is there any way Julie can get him back safely? A mother can fight anything in her life to protect her children, but will Julie even get the chance to protect her son?

Julie is perhaps one of the strongest characters I have ever read and to think that the author gave us such a developed and complete character in a few pages is wondrous in itself. Her struggle to find her son, to make sure that he was safe, and to accept help from a man with whom she didn’t really see eye to eye was very entertaining. She was the star of the show and she was running it brilliantly. J.S. Marlo brought a complete and concise story to readers and succeeded tremendously. The pace was fast, the narrative was smooth as butter and the flow of the story was uninterrupted. Thin Ice is an entertaining, emotional and fulfilling novel that you will enjoy reading again and again.