Time Power

A Proven System for Getting More Done in Less Time Than You Ever Thought Possible

Non-Fiction - Audiobook
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Reviewed on 12/02/2010
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Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye for Readers' Favorite

I was impressed from the beginning of this audio book. No only is the voice good and understandable but it is the author’s own voice. The upbeat style of the writing inspired me from the start.

I always believe in positive thinking. I have been the recipient of its wonders many times. Many people had tried it, but have failed and now I see why. It isn’t enough to repeat to yourself that you are a genius. You have to know the right wording to make it happen.

There was a time when it was slow and painful to write my books because my neck and shoulders hurt. I tried positive thinking after a couple of month in therapy. I would spend thirty minutes alone in the room with heat on my shoulders followed by traction. I had lots of time to think and clear my mind. I tried picturing my neck whole and well during those three times a week. After two and half months I asked what the therapist thought about my recovery. He said a couple of month should do it. I keep repeating to myself that I was healed and whole every day, especially when in therapy alone. In just three weeks the therapist told me that in two more appointments (one week) I would be done.

In his book, Time Power, Brian Tracy not only gives you the right words; he also teaches you how to use them. I was so energized by the book on tape that I wanted to do many things that I had put off before. Alas I couldn’t… I was glued to the instructions coming from his mouth, while my computer smoked with the fast movement of my hands. I couldn’t write fast enough to get down all the juicy insights that he provides.

The beauty of this book on tape is that anyone can do it. It is easy to follow and gives you the energy to get it done. It becomes a habit and it is a very good one to have. I also think that one of the secrets to a better life can be achieved through positive thinking. This book is not to help you only to get organized or manage your time, but it can be used for your personal life and that of your family.

For example, I can use positive thinking to have better self-esteem and therefore I can teach my family how to achieve it, too. When you, as a parent, are happy and positive you see life through a different pair of glasses. The colors are clearer, your perspective is where it belongs, and you enjoy the view much better.

I love the energy I derived from listening to this book on tape. I plan to give it to my children to use in their lives. I know it will benefit them greatly. I recommend it to everyone from preteens to adults alike. Very well done, and insightful.