Tips for Easy Air Travel

Non-Fiction - Travel
67 Pages
Reviewed on 04/26/2017
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Reviewed by Kristen Van Kampen for Readers' Favorite

Tips for Easy Air Travel by Ani Right is an educational book full of tips to help make your vacation the best it can be. The book talks about when to fly if you want the cheapest ticket, and what websites help you to find the cheapest ticket. The book provides a list of what and what not to pack, and what apps will help with your packing. The book tells you what should be packed in carry on, and what should be in checked luggage; what to bring if you're traveling with disabled people, or young children. The book teaches about how you can save time at the airport, and so much more.

I really enjoyed reading Tips for Easy Air Travel by Ani Right. The book is filled with useful tips to make the most of your time at the airport. The book would be great for people who are first time travelers, or even people who have traveled before, but want to be more organized this time. The author gives good reasons to use all of her tips. The book is very educational, and provides facts, statistics, and tips people never would have thought of. The book is very well organized, and the author covers all important parts of air travel. This book thinks of everything, even if the reader hasn't. This book is great, because it will help you save time at the airport, avoid lost luggage, avoid theft, and more. All people who are planning a trip should definitely consider reading it. I would definitely recommend this to all travellers.

Barbara Fanson

Tips For Easy Air Travel is an insightful guide for frequent or first-time flyers. There’s a wealth of information contained in this easy-to-read guide by Ani Right. This book supplies the web address of several seat selection apps that allow you to search for the best possible seat. The author also recommends that if you have long legs or a long flight ahead, an exit or front seat provides more legroom. If you’re a nervous flyer, a seat over the wings of the airplane has less turbulence. Planning is the key to a relaxing trip—know which terminal you’re flying out of so you know where to park or how to get to the airport. And how will you leave the airport and get to your hotel? Planning is essential and makes your trip more enjoyable and relaxing.

Tips For Easy Air Travel is full of tips for travelers and is the result of a lot of research and experience by author Ani Right. Ani offers advice on how to pack medication, toiletries, and food. Parents of young children will appreciate the lists of items that should be packed. The author also provides information about traveling with infants less than two years old, or young children. Chapter 4 describes some useful apps for packing items and making lists. I like the idea of taking a reusable, foldable bag that can fit into your pocket on a flight, and if you take off some of your clothing layers, you can put them into the bag. The bag will also come in handy to carry souvenirs and other items purchased on your trip.

Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable pants is far more important than tight, uncomfortable clothes. Ani Right also recommends that if you’re putting a small suitcase in the overhead compartment to have the zipper away from the opening—or better yet, put a lock on it to keep thieves from taking something out of your carry-on bag. Be sure to read her top five tips in chapter 9 to avoid becoming a victim of theft. She also lists the top five dirtiest areas on the plane. The author lists things you can do at the airport before boarding the plane and during the flight. The section on how to avoid losing your baggage offers lots of ideas to prevent the inconvenience. Tips for Easy Air Travel by Ani Right is a wonderful and helpful resource guide for frequent flyers, as well as those experiencing their first trip.