Wiggle and Oink

Children - Picture Book
32 Pages
Reviewed on 05/24/2017
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Author Biography

J.R.Poulter has worked as a senior educator, librarian, lecturer in English Expression, editor and in a circus. A multi-awarded author/poet with over 40 books to her name, she also writes poetry, YA and general readership fiction under J.R.McRae.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Kristen Van Kampen (Teen Reviewer) for Readers' Favorite

Wiggle and Oink by J.R. Poulter is a fun children's book about two piglet friends named Wiggle and Oink. Wiggle and Oink did everything together: they played together, they sat together at lunch, they walked home together. They were the best friends ever. However, the two little piglets are very different, and sometimes their differences cause problems. One day, Oink noticed that Wiggle was looking at a girl piglet named Pigeletta. Oink tells Wiggle to go for it. However, Oink says it a little loudly. Pigeletta notices and turns around. Wiggle did what he always did when he was nervous: he wiggled. How will Pigeletta react?

I really enjoyed reading Wiggle and Oink by J.R. Poulter. The book is very well written and descriptive. I especially liked the way the last few pages are written, because they're written in the form of a question. The characters are all very likeable, funny, and people will definitely be able to relate to them. The book has some funny parts. I liked the way the book is written in different fonts and font sizes, and sometimes the writing is at an angle, because it matches the fun theme of the book. The pictures by Olivia Pinto are very well drawn, and clearly depict each scene. The pictures are adorable, and very colourful. The story is well developed and thought out. This is very creative, and a fun read. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, especially young readers.