No Trespassing

Echidna's Darlings Volume 1
By M.E. Palmer

Gina Daniels believes that she is the ugliest girl in Franklin High School and John Walters, the school bully, always reminds her about it in the story No Trespassing: Echidna’s Darlings Volume One by M.E. Palmer. Gina always tries to avoid him, but one day...

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Nighttime Ninja

By Barbara DaCosta and Ed Young

The clock strikes midnight, and Ninja Nighttime has a mission to do. With everyone asleep, the house is dark and quiet, so Ninja creeps throughout the house in search of his treasure but before he finds it, Ninja runs into a big surprise, one he...

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By Henry Herz

“Nimpentoad” is a cooperative effort by Henry, Joshua, and Harrison Herz. It is a somewhat interactive storybook for children, set in an alternate world. The main character is Nimpentoad, who happens to be a Nibling, but not just an ordinary Nibling. Nimpentoad is smarter than...