By Anne Ursu and Erin Mcguire

Breadcrumbs is an intriguing modern day fairy tale written by Anne Ursu and Erin Mcquire. Inspired by Hans Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” Hazel and Jack have a bond like no other and share a passion for fantasy. Soon, the dynamics of their unique friendship change,...

Benny and the Basketball Bully

By David L. Watkins

Benny was a good boy, always listening to his mom and setting a good example for his brother and sister. Benny had many friends at school and at church who looked up to him because they thought he was faultless. But Benny knew the way...

Building Character With Sam, Izzy, & Many Other Dogs

15 Tips That Help Children Build Character
By Danny W. Pettry II

We love dogs and it seems that most children love dogs, too. Dogs have become quite a teaching tool that people are using in many therapies now. This book, BUILDING CHARACTER with Sam, Izzy & Man Other Dogs, is full of cute illustrations...


The Three Fold Process To Becoming You!
By Jada Collins

Jada Collins grew up in a neglectful, abusive household. Her father abused her mother, calling her ugly. Jada and her sister watched, and Jada protected her sister. Her father then suddenly left, taking on the role as nothing but a sperm donor. Once again, Jada...