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Beautiful Skin

By Murray Pura

Murray Pura’s Beautiful Skin is a romance novel that has many layers to it. Set in the Second World War between Ukraine and Germany, it is centered around its main character Andrew Chornavka, with his brothers and sisters playing minor characters. The story wends its...

Butterfly Wish

A Doomed Interracial Love Affair Set in Post War South Korea
By D. Davidson, R. Marcano

I loved Butterfly Wish: A Doomed Interracial Love Affair Set in Post War South Korea by D. Davidson and R. Marcano. I loved it because I have been an American soldier stationed in Korea. I have had military buddies and been in love with...

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Beautiful Imperfections

By Marjorie Vernelle

Beautiful Imperfections is a literary fiction novel written by Marjorie Vernelle. Some might think that the Survey of Art History class that Keith James took to fulfill the Religious Knowledge class in her first year at the University of Toronto was the defining moment in...

Beer and Gasoline

By John Knoerle

Beer and Gasoline is an historical fiction thriller written by John Knoerle. The fact that his boss, CIA’s Counterintelligence Chief of Staff, James J. Angleton, had sent him on an assignment that would ordinarily have been assigned to one of his field agents, had senior...

Beneath Strange Stars

For Their Country's Good Book 2
By Rebecca Bryn

Beneath Strange Stars is the second book in Rebecca Bryn’s trilogy For Their Country’s Good. It continues the saga of the star-crossed lovers, Ella and Jem, with just enough backstory to be read as a standalone novel without boring readers who have already enjoyed On...

Blood Moon

A Captive's Tale
By Ruth Hull Chatlien

Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale by Ruth Hull Chatlien is a powerful tale. Part of the strength of this novel is the fact that it is based on a true story and Ruth Hull Chatlien tries her best to be true to that story. And...

Bourbon Street Burn

Sommerville Suspense
By Anastasia Amor

Detailed ongoing nightmares motivate psychic Anabelle Sommerville to travel to New Orleans to try to understand her past life in Bourbon Street Burn: Sommerville Suspense by Anastasia Amor. With her present life eerily matching aspects of her past life almost 200 years earlier, renowned restaurateur...

Banister - The New World

An Early American Adventure
By Kent Courtney

I was hooked immediately when I read the opening lines introducing Banister - The New World: An Early American Adventure by Kent Courtney: “I would be honored to tell you the story of my family’s history and our trip to the Americas — the New...

Broken in Boston

By Rick Shakalis

Broken in Boston by Rick Shakalis is the second book in the Thomas Plant series and is a historical event/era fiction novel that takes place in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1900s. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of...

Bright Moon Ridge

By Linus Treefoot

Bright Moon Ridge by Linus Treefoot is the story of a young nineteen-year-old boy named Johnny Bartooth. He lives with his aunt and he never knew about his parents. His life takes a dramatic turn when he is visited by an old hippy named Heron....

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