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Love of Finished Years

By Gregory Erich Phillips

In 1909, Elsa Schuller was sixteen years old, living in the Lower East Side of New York City with her German immigrant family. Four years previously, her parents, Tobias and Nina, her older sister, Sonja, and baby brother, Anton, crossed the ocean to find a...

Letters to the Pianist

By S.D. Mayes

Letters to the Pianist is a historical fiction novel written by S.D. Mayes. The East End of London was not a happy place for a child, or indeed any living creature, in 1941. Fourteen-year-old Ruth and her little sister and brother were among the few...

Last Run

The Gauntlet Runner Book VII
By S Thomas Bailey

I have traveled with Jacob, Joshua, James, One-Ear and Maggie since this series began and each book just keeps getting better and better. In Last Run, we have shared the last year of war and hardship right along with the “Rangers,” and I am...


By Michelle Lowe

Legacy by Michelle E. Lowe is a story of fate and magic, bringing together several unlikely souls in a fight against an ancient plan. Archie Norwich plans to flee to Dublin with his love and his sister, Clover, to escape the cruelty of his father....

Lucky or Not, Here I Come

By Gerry Orz

Lucky or Not, Here I Come covers eighty years in the life of John Wilson, the luckiest man in the world, as told by his sister, Jenny Will. This book is truly a saga and almost unbelievable that it was written by Gerry Orz, a...

Land of Seekers

By Triveen Nair

Land of Seekers written by Triveen Nair is a historical fiction novel based in India in the year 1766 which, as the author states, was one of the most important but widely unnoticed years in the history of India. There are many different takes on...

Lacey Leighton

By Ruth Jones

Lacey Leighton by Ruth Jones is a historical literary fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adult women and adult females who enjoy female protagonists who are willing to go against the flow of society. The year is 1877 and...

London for Immigrant Suckers

So Long Yugoslavia
By Kolya S

London for Immigrant Suckers: So Long Yugoslavia by Kolya S is Peter Kovach’s exceptional odyssey as an immigrant in the UK, a story that features powerful historical experiences and references. While sharing the story of Peter, his hardships and the many challenges he has to...

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Love’s Sunrise

Wilderness Hearts Book Two
By Dorothy Wiley

Love’s Sunrise by Dorothy Wiley is the second book in the historical romance series Wilderness Hearts. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults (thirteen and up) who have enjoyed the Wilderness Hearts series, and lovers...


Ann Putnam Jr.'s Recounting of the Salem Witch Trials
By Oliver Dahl

I have a strong love for historical fiction, and so I was incredibly excited to read Lies: Ann Putnam Jr’s Recounting of the Salem Witch Trials by Oliver Dahl. The novel focuses on the village of Salem, Massachusetts and the witch trials for which they...

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