Never Isn't Long Enough

A Novel
By F. Diane Pickett

Fae was the middle child of a brood of children her mother and father produced on their mountain farm in the early 1900s. Fae, a fiery redhead, always thinking she deserved a better life and demanding things her way, wanted off the farm more than...

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Native Nights Roxanna

By A.S. Johnson

Native Nights Roxanna is a short romance fiction reminiscent of the smaller and shorter Harlequin or Silhouette Series -- a mini-read that gives you a burst of romance without spending days reading a long, drawn out romance. Roxanna O’Donnell is a widow in the rough...

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Noble Satyr

A Georgian Historical Romance
By Lucinda Brant

It is the golden age of French aristocratic life, the glittering court of Louis XV. Beneath the posturing and hedonism lies a seething hotbed of intrigue, deceit, and treachery. Sex, lies, and politics go hand in hand, and courting royal patronage is the ultimate prize....

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Notorious Pleasures

Maiden Lane
By Elizabeth Hoyt

Lady Hero Batten is engaged to be married to the Marquis of Mandeville. On the night of the announcement Hero walks in on her future brother-in-law in a compromising position. From that point on, she decides that Griffin is not worth the effort to get...

Never a Gentleman

The Drakes Rakes series
By Eileen Dreyer

Grace Fairchild and Diccan Hilliard are caught in a compromising position and forced to marry. Grace knows she is not the kind of wife that Diccan would prefer. She was raised on the battlefield following her father wherever he served. Diccan was used to the...

Native Dreams

By Melinda Elmore

At twelve-years-old, Precious Hawk is viciously taken from her people, and her family. At seventeen,  she was forced to marry John Altan , a well know  rancher who was also very mean and uncaring, and made  Precious Hawk out  as a wild savage that needed taming. Now,...