Not all Cowboys are Cruel

Christian - Romance - Historical
160 Pages
Reviewed on 10/10/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

Sometimes love is better the second time around, although Grace Isabella Lee doubts she wants another chance in the historical Christian romance, Not all Cowboys are Cruel by Angelica Hart. Grace believed her life couldn’t get any worse after being in an abusive relationship, but it did. She and her ailing father are destitute, and no one wants to hire her. When Grace is assaulted by hoodlums, a cowboy named Matthew rescues her. He gets her a job on the Baxter homestead, although malicious Clayton Baxter despises these two so much and demonstrates it. Grace and Matthew grow close, yet both are secretive about their pasts. Matthew also has insecurity issues, while Grace carries the scars of her abuser.

In Not all Cowboys are Cruel, a historical romance by Angelica Hart, Grace had my attention when I began reading, then my admiration and sympathy. She endured so much humiliation and hardship in her life, yet still considered taking a demeaning job for survival. The novella had a western setting with believable challenges of some characters, while others displayed narrow-minded attitudes. Sharp-tongued characters like Mrs. Baxter made me smile. The author’s writing was well-thought out, her description of the saloon and its patrons were great. Angelica Hart, by the way, is a pseudonym for this well-known author. Not all Cowboys are Cruel is a light-hearted Christian romance. It had a lovely cover illustration of a woman who matched Grace’s description. Found in Flight, an excerpt included from the next book in The Baxter Homestead Romances, was also interesting.