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Pea Soup Disaster

A Gregory Green Adventure Volume 1
By Elaine Kaye

Pea Soup Disaster: A Gregory Green Adventure Volume 1 by Elaine Kaye is a delightful story with an excellent message for young readers. Gregory Green opens his lunch box and he is excited to see a thermos full of his favorite pea soup. His classmate,...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Doctor Mom

By Elaine Kaye

Gregory Green is excited to wake up on Saturday morning and help his dad cut the grass. He tries to wake up Sammy, his teddy who sleeps beside him, but Sammy moans and does not move an inch. Gregory is worried and he calls his...

Halloween Ride

By Elaine Kaye

Halloween Ride: A Gregory Green Adventure by Elaine Kaye, as the title suggests, has Halloween as its backdrop. Gregory Green and Sammy, his teddy bear, hope to get a lot of candy that Halloween night. Gregory is dressed as a pirate and Sammy is wearing...

The Missing Alphabet

A Gregory Green Adventure Book 4
By Elaine Kaye

Gregory Green and five other students are in Miss Wells' class, trying to discover what is missing from the classroom. No fish is missing from the aquarium, no lights from the ceiling are missing, and the spider web is still there in the corner. Gregory...

Sleigh Ride

A Gregory Green Adventure Book 5
By Elaine Kaye

Sleigh Ride by Elaine Kaye is the fifth book in the Gregory Green Adventure series. As Gregory sleeps peacefully, the most unexpected thing happens. His teddy bear Sammy wakes him up when they receive a visit from none other than Santa Claus who whisks them...