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Understanding the Alacran

By Jonathan LaPoma

What does it take to be clean again after years of drug abuse? For William James, it could mean getting as far away as possible from one’s immediate environment, steering away from friends, and starting a new life. That is why the twenty-two-year-old man leaves...

Developing Minds

An American Ghost Story
By Jonathan LaPoma

Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story is a contemporary fiction novel written by Jonathan LaPoma. Luke Entelechy has been a student teacher and has subbed, but his teaching career is really about to begin when he acts on his impulse to go down to Miami...

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The Summer of Crud

By Jonathan LaPoma

The Summer of Crud is a new adult literary fiction novel written by Jonathan LaPoma. With college behind him and the not-too-exciting future of beginning a teaching career looming before him, Danny was more than ready for a road trip. It would be the road...