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The Darkest Side of the Moon

By M C Ryder

The Darkest Side of the Moon by M.C. Ryder is a young adult paranormal tale about Nadine Drexel who wants to get high school over and done with even though she has no plans for her future. Nadine is a laid-back student who doesn’t go...

A Darker Demise

A Compilation of Dark Shorts
By M C Ryder

A Darker Demise: A Compilation of Dark Shorts by MC Ryder is an anthology with weighty themes. The first story titled A Unity of Balance is about Imilla, a witch who has chosen to practice dark magic, and has struggled in life as a result...

All I See Are Dark Clouds

By M C Ryder

All I See Are Dark Clouds is a work of fiction in the paranormal drama, thriller, and fantasy adventure subgenres. It is intended for the young adult reading audience and contains some instances of violence and reference to assault. Penned by author M C Ryder,...

The Neighbors

By M C Ryder

Zoe’s neighbors have a secret, but it is not what you might expect, and even Zoe herself is not fully prepared to cope with the knowledge she is about to acquire. M. C. Ryder’s The Neighbors: Zoe’s Story is a festival of the unexpected, sure...