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The Children's Writer's Guide 2

By Simon Rose

The Children's Writer's Guide 2 by Simon Rose is a writing/publishing book and is part of a series. It is a succinct and short guide. Simon Rose writes about writing while being a well-established and recognized author, which means that his advice and remarks are...

The Children's Writer's Guide

By Simon Rose

“Writing books for children is a marathon, not a sprint.” So claims children’s author, Simon Rose. With quite a few children’s books published and in circulation, the author knows the amount of time and effort that goes into writing a book. And the work never...

The Working Writer's Guide

Making a Living as a Published Author and Professional Writer
By Simon Rose

It’s not easy making a living as a writer. Gone are the days when book royalties alone would constitute a substantial income. Unless you’re one of those writers who can instantly make it to the top as a best seller and keep your books on...

The Social Media Writer's Guide

By Simon Rose

The famous bard, Shakespeare, knew how to make a candid point in very few words. “A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, sums up the need to be short and to the point, or, quite frankly,...

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Spectacular story starters, study guides and classroom resources
By Simon Rose

There is nothing better than a good story to sweep one’s imagination away to another world. But these stories originated somewhere and there are always some interesting tangents that a reader can pursue based on a good story. Teachers are always looking for new and...

School and Library Visits for Authors and Illustrators

By Simon Rose

Once a book is written, edited and published, the work is by no means complete. Authors have to be very resourceful in how they promote their work. This doesn’t have to be a burden. Some parts of self-promotion can be quite enjoyable. For example, a...

Exploring the Fantasy Realm

Magic in Stories for Children and Young Adults
By Simon Rose

Exploring the Fantasy Realm: Magic in Stories for Children and Young Adults is small in size, but packs in a lot of information about writing in the fantasy genre. Included in the book are examples from fantasy books, including fairy tales, children’s stories, and YA...

The Time Traveler's Guide

Writing Time Travel Stories and Historical Fiction
By Simon Rose

The Time Traveler’s Guide: Writing Time Travel Stories and Historical Fiction serves as a go-to reference when writing both historical fiction books and novels that include elements of time travel. The book begins by asking the question: What is time travel? The concept of time...