The Art of Living Beyond Your Life

Christian - Living
152 Pages
Reviewed on 07/13/2017
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Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

Many of us would like to see our children and grandchildren carry on the same family values that we hold. Many want their students or company employees to reach a great level of success, or continue leading the company into a better and brighter new era. Curtis Clewett’s 3G: The Art of Living Beyond Your Life lays out how you can go about making those desires into realities. This is a simple, though not easy, guide which demonstrates practical ways that cause those values most important to you to stick not only to the generation following you, but to the generation which follows them. In 3G, you will learn the difference between controlling how things progress with succeeding generation and purposely instilling the core values and creativity that are able to adapt to the changes which come in the generations beyond. Curtis Clewett’s 3G is full of appropriate illustrations, focus questions, and an addendum of 21 practical ideas for applying 3G to families and leadership teams.

If you truly desire to leave a legacy or to affect the lives of future generations, then you need to not only get the book, 3G: The Art of Living Beyond Your Life, but you need to adapt it and apply it to your own life as a parent or as a leader. Curtis Clewett has provided plenty of practical examples from Abraham to Socrates to his own experience with his family and the organization King’s Kids to make this book easy to read and understand. The book is not only about how to utilize a 3G approach, but is itself a 3G approach, which asks probing questions meant to help you focus on how you can make use of what you are reading. Practical, accurate and potentially life-changing, 3G will help you refocus what you do and how you do it in order to affect future generations.

Divine Zape

Curtis Clewett's 3G: The Art of Living Beyond Your Life is a powerful, inspirational book with a strong appeal for readers who espouse Christian values and those who want to look beyond the limits of contemporary consumerist and materialistic culture. This is one of the best books I have read about creating a legacy, a book that teaches a new vision of leadership, a vision that will allow leaders to leave an indelible imprint on the lives of those of their generation and those to follow. The author unveils principles and insights that most people who have influenced civilizations have discovered, people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, and a host of others. It is an undeniable truth that these people still live on, but what is it they did to create such a positive impact on humanity?

At the beginning of the book, the author asks a soul-searching question, one that few people dare to consider: “What are the key values and core beliefs that shape your existence? Is there a way to deeply and permanently stamp these into the lives of your succeeding generations, literally extending your life beyond physical death?” This book offers tools and keys to discovering our core values and how to transmit them in a way so that they impact and transform lives. No matter your position in life, this well-written, motivational book will allow you to connect more intimately with yourself and with those who matter in your life and generation. Curtis Clewett writes with undeterred conviction and the prose flows graciously. This is the book that will prompt readers to look past their limits and embrace the bigger picture of their dreams, allowing them to intersect with the lives of others.