A River In The Sky

Amelia Peabody Mysteries

Fiction - Intrigue
307 Pages
Reviewed on 06/15/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boiling for Readers' Favorite

I’ve long been a fan of Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Michaels aka Barbara Mertz aka MPM. Amelia Peabody has always been the woman behind the man. She loves hunky Emerson. Her little side comments to readers are always humorous. So what happened in the latest Amelia Peabody installment? MPM has set the standard so high that perhaps we have become spoiled. "A River In The Sky" is a good read but it is not up to the standards we have come to expect from MPM. I really struggled to read this book. Has Amelia lost her passion? Where was the romance?

This is a good read. MPM at her worst is still high above most authors. MPM has a talent for adding a touch of dry humor to her characters. Peabody is always butting in where most English ladies would never dare to tread. Emerson is always pretending to be exasperated with her but loves her deeply.

Unlike previous novels, the dynamic duo are not in Egypt exploring a tomb. This time they are searching for the Ark of The Covenant. The setting is 1910 Palestine. Once again the Germans have spies planted strategically. Ramses has important information that he must get to his parents.

What threw me in this book was going back in time...not time travel but this book takes place before the last few books. Ramses and Nefret are not married and have no twins. The plot seemed unfinished, parts just did not make sense. I miss the focus being on Amelia. She is the one fans crave. I miss the ambiance of the previous books. Will I stop reading Amelia Peabody books...of course not!