And A Bullet Screamed Through The Sky

The Silent Assassin Book #1

Fiction - Science Fiction
367 Pages
Reviewed on 10/14/2020
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Author Biography

Adrian P. was born in a peculiar era, where people are expected to be very busy and very relaxed at the same time. After graduating with two degrees in Economics and Finance, he juggled his time between working in a Private Equity firm during the day, and studying various subjects from Philosophy to Politics during the night. In-between these crunches, he manages to pen The Silent Assassin series.

While the novel series was an iteration of a Sci-Fi fiction he wrote during college, Adrian P. aimed to reinvent The Silent Assassin series to be more entertaining, thrilling, and at the same time, a vast ground of thought experiments to test the various ideas he studied and develop them in a narrative form.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

And A Bullet Screamed Through the Sky is the first book in The Silent Assassin series by Adrian P. Set in the 28th century, Audi Prabian was given one of the most difficult tasks of his career; he was asked to protect the Prime Minister of Planet Verste. While Audi was a mercenary by profession, he didn’t want to protect the dictatorial politician, but an order was an order. On the other hand, Prince Horlix wanted to know who killed his lover. He needed to find out who the cyborg was and he would not stop until he found the killer. Two men from very different backgrounds, yet both of them had a goal to follow. They would go to any lengths to get the job done, but would they ever get the chance to make it out alive?

And A Bullet Screamed Through the Sky opened with explosive action and kept the momentum until the end. The jump between multiple points of view was very well-managed. I enjoyed the simple structure of the prose and the lyrical pieces of poetry added to the narrative. Audi’s way of speaking was so unique; it was almost too straightforward, but it reflected his character well. Prince Horlix surprised me. I was expecting him to be proud and haughty, but he was humble and I loved that about him. As for the story itself, it was filled with action that became a little gory at times. However, it was necessary. The arc was amazing, the climax had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and there wasn’t any part of the story that I wished to change. It was perfect the way it was, very entertaining, very original.

Christian Sia

And A Bullet Screamed Through The Sky is the first book in The Silent Assassin series by Adrian P., a compelling science fiction tale with a great setting. It is set in the future, in the twenty-eighth century, when humanity and its space colonies are ruled by The Crowned Confederacy. Hired to protect the Prime Minister, Audi Prabian, a mercenary, lives on a remote planet that is rocked by numerous tensions. When a sniper tries to kill the Prime Minister, Audi follows the assassin with the intention of capturing and extracting information, but traveling across the stars opens his eyes to something even more sinister. The Peace that the Confederacy brought is shaken and is on the brink of destruction because of the conflict between the heirs of The Royal Family. Can a mere mercenary protect the interests of peace or will intrigue and political lies prevail?

This is a wonderful story with very strong characters. The opening is a blast. It features intriguing and phenomenal characters. From the very beginning, the author creates an atmosphere of conflict that will dominate the narrative. And A Bullet Screamed Through The Sky is well-plotted and the world-building impeccable. The author takes readers across space, conjuring wonderful and terrific images in their minds, a journey that is as exciting as it can be terrifying at times. The writing is punctuated by well-crafted dialogues, vivid descriptions, and scenes that are focused and emotionally intense. Adrian P. is a great storyteller, an entertainer who creates a world that is exciting to navigate.

Gobi Jane

A wonderful read for fans of space opera and science fiction, set in the twenty-eight century, And A Bullet Screamed Through The Sky by Adrian P. follows a mercenary, Audi Prabian, who is charged with protecting the Prime Minister of the Crowned Confederacy, Andrew Luxius Dana. When a sniper’s flying bullet almost kills the Prime Minister, Audi follows the killer. He wants to capture the killer and extract information. But the pursuit that takes him across the stars also reveals very disturbing information. The Crowned Confederacy, the body that has maintained peace across the galaxy, is under serious attack as big corporations clash and hidden agendas begin to emerge. The conflict is phenomenal and the stakes are very high.

This is the first book in The Silent Assassin series and the first thing that drew me in as I started this novel is the storytelling skill of the author. He introduces readers to a world that is strange, yet familiar. A little boy can’t play peacefully with his toys because of a shattering bombardment that drops hundreds of orbital shells upon the city, which vaporize all in their explosions. The strong opening introduces readers to a world that is rocked by conflict and the action intensifies with explosive happenings. The plot is tight and the characters are elaborately developed, starting with characters in Terra experiencing the cleansing. The gorgeous prose combines with the imaginative setting to create an adventure that I enjoyed. It is fast-paced with action, a story set in a world with evolved political structures and refined technology. The strong imagery has stayed in my mind since I read the novel. A wonderful opening for a great series.

Vincent Dublado

Adrian P. takes us far into the 28th century in the first installment of The Silent Assassin Series titled, And a Bullet Screamed Through the Sky. In this futuristic world, man has colonized a quarter of the galaxy, eradicated deadly diseases, and has been united under the banner of the Crowned Confederacy, which has been enjoying an era of stability. Enter Audi Prabian, a young mercenary who is hired to protect Prime Minister Andrew Luxius Dana. After Dana is nearly killed in an assassination attempt, Prabian finds himself hunting for a sniper, who is known to be one of the top mercenaries in the galaxy as well as reputed to be an estranged member of a powerful clan. Prabian will traverse the galaxies to extract information and hunt the sniper down as he discovers that the botched assassination is a mere prelude to a galactic crisis that threatens the peace.

Adrian P. explores the construction of the heroic mercenary in a future world trying its best to provide a utopian society. As the main protagonist, Prabian is a model of the typical principled individualist who likes to do things his way, yet somehow learns to play nice. This sci-fi-action novel illustrates that political issues of the future will be no different from that of the present. The premise will still work well even if you remove it from the high-tech, futuristic setting and place it in the past or present time. And a Bullet Screamed Through the Sky offers an enjoyable adventure that you get from a committed protagonist, much like the pleasure you get from reading any smart action thrillers.

Tammy Ruggles

And A Bullet Screamed Through The Sky: The Silent Assassin Book #1 by Adrian P. is a highly entertaining science fiction novel. Packed with action and wartime battles, this novel spins you ahead into century 28, where the Crowned Confederacy has ruled everyone in space for hundreds of years. The young hero is named Audi Prebian, a mercenary hired to protect the Prime Minister and find the sniper who attempted an assassination. An intergalactic revolution is underway. The assassination attempt on the PM's life is the fuse that ignites a crisis that affects all of humanity. Through subplots and backstory, we learn about Audi's past and character, as well as other characters in the story. His expertise is advanced weaponry and cunning, and he comes up against several barriers as he strives to complete his task. In a way, it reminds you of a richly-crafted video game.

This is a story where space travel is as natural as breathing, and where peace is threatened by strained relations with the Royal Family and huge superpower corporations. Each chapter builds toward the next, full of political drama, emotional turmoil, and well-paced action. Violence and profanity exist here, so this may not be for young readers. Another character, Prince Horlix, suffers a personal loss, which adds to the compelling plot. I like the author's attention to detail, which puts you into each scene as if you're a character in the mix. Fans of interstellar conspiracy novels will love And A Bullet Screamed Through The Sky: The Silent Assassin Book #1 by Adrian P.