Ben and the Bullies

Children - Picture Book
38 Pages
Reviewed on 08/18/2017
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Author Biography

Jack Thompsen, also known as Not So Serious Jack, enjoys writing stories, traveling, going on adventures and making new friends. He is a full-time computer programmer and has been writing since he was a kid. He finds writing is one of the best ways of sharing exciting worlds and ideas. Writing is powerful. One of his biggest goals is making this world a better place and he hopes his children’s book series will be the first big step in that direction.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite

Ben and the Bullies is a children’s book of courage, written in rhyme by Not So Serious Jack (aka Jack Thompsen) and illustrated by Ignacio G. When at home, Ben loves to cook, read and spend time with his family. But when at school, Ben’s world is completely different. Unable to find a friend who shares his interests, Ben spends most of his time alone when he is at school. On hearing news of a new slide opening at the local park, Ben and his best canine friend, Pete, go to the park, only to find the boys bullying another small child. Something must be done!

Presented with a world of realism, Ben and the Bullies confronts a serious social issue which affects so many people in today’s society – bullying. Not So Serious Jack’s book shows how a child can come from a happy, loving home yet face brutality when they are at school or in an unfamiliar environment. Bullies are cowards when they are alone, so they always have others with them to help them fight those who are weaker. In Ben’s case, it is not until a friend is found in a scary situation that he finally decides to take some affirmative action, lending emotional and uplifting support which gives his friend the confidence he needs to face his own fears. Well-written, Ben and the Bullies is beautifully illustrated and I very much enjoyed its presentation and how the story unfolds. I recommend Ben and the Bullies to young children aged 4-12, so they can see that the world is not such a scary place when you face your fears.