Blood Fund

A Novel

Fiction - Thriller - General
479 Pages
Reviewed on 12/03/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Blood Fund: A Novel by R.C. Westyn is just so good for a debut novel. A fine meld of drama, intrigue, and crime, set in the very place where money is kept; behind the portals of Wall Street. Combine a hedge fund, a cast of compelling characters, and the darkest secrets in the financial world, and you’re in for a most interesting read. Laura Ellyson is a charming sales lady who finds herself in a world dominated by men and who makes a great killing, but for how long will she hold on to her success? Charles Kavanagh has never had the approval of his father, something that upsets him very much, but now it could be happening as he is set to sweep billions from the hedge fund. Vincent Di Stefano is a mafia lord who is about to take charge of the Basile family business, and now he’s discovered a means to take advantage of the corruption that is rife in government.

R.C. Westyn is a master at weaving captivating scenes and the short chapters are ideal for a breezy read. The reader is pulled into the mesmerizing world of New York City, with its glitz and glamour and breathtaking sights, wonderfully crafted in captivating prose. Laura is a character who will hold the attention of readers from the start to the end. The author has created a novel with characters that will grab readers and drag them forcefully along a dangerous path, alongside unscrupulous characters, trails of crime and stabbings in the back. There is enough drama to keep anyone’s attention riveted, and the intricacies in the plot are an interesting element. Blood Fund: A Novel blends suspense and humor to rouse the reader’s curiosity and interest from each page to the next fascinating page. Character-driven, unfolding at breakneck speed, this novel compels the reader to read on until the very last line in a satisfying conclusion.