Called to the Deep

Haven Cove Book 1

Romance - Paranormal
346 Pages
Reviewed on 09/22/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Cecelia Hopkins for Readers' Favorite

Called to the Deep (Haven Cove Book 1) by Desirée M. Niccoli commences as Lorelei Roth is the only survivor of the ship Osprey. Captain Killian Quinn offers her the hospitality of his house until she recovers from the ordeal. Hiding from the press and unsure of what to do, Lorelei applies for work at a local maritime museum. Killian and Lorelei have already developed a fondness when Lorelei undergoes her first transformation, biting her own arm to prevent herself from harming Killian. He stands by Lorelei and she is struggling to accept her dual nature when she accidentally bites his nosy ex-girlfriend, Carrie. Desperate to control her wicked instincts, Lorelei reveals her secret to marine biologist Lila. It becomes even more difficult to hide from the public when she rescues a child from drowning,

Called to the Deep (Haven Cove Book 1) by Desirée M. Niccoli is a fantasy romance with a sizeable inclusion of drama. I liked the way the author developed the character of Lorelei so I liked her before it was revealed that she was a siren. The build-up helped me accept Lorelei’s dual nature and face the challenging questions posed when the character also displayed a treacherous side. Once her nature was revealed, Lorelei’s adventures in the sea were exciting and thrilling. The fights with other merfolk were genuinely terrifying and helped set up a conundrum regarding what ought to be done about the danger. Killian’s ex, Carrie, added suspense as she stalked Killian, moving ever closer to uncovering Lorelei’s secret. This book entertained and provoked me, making me eager to read more of the Haven Cove series.