Chasing Tomorrow

Chasing Tomorrow

Will tomorrow be a memory if they can't find today

Romance - Suspense
228 Pages
Reviewed on 08/23/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Paul F. Murray for Readers' Favorite

Chasing Tomorrow by Ann Heathman is a major page-turner. Everyone’s current favorite set of international villains, ISIS terrorists, are out to turn the world into a Sharia-ruled enclave whether the “infidels” want it that way or not. Navy SEAL buddies - Zach, Tony, and Juan - have multiple Special Operations tasks to carry out, in an effort to bring justice to some of the world’s most heartless, conscienceless killers in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, Zach’s girlfriend, Ariana, is a determined but headstrong and naïve international news reporter who is out to get the story on terrorists who have immigrated to Germany. Her assignment, which has Zach worried sick, is to interview some of the Middle Eastern refugees who have ended up in Germany and are having trouble, especially the men, adjusting to the much greater freedom which women in Western countries have. Too many of the fundamentalist Islamic men from the Middle East are interpreting the standard, everyday dress of German women as an invitation to rape them and, in their warped, twisted minds, teach them a lesson for not covering up from head to foot.

For her own security, Ariana is later transferred to presumably safer duty covering the Cannes Film Festival, except that it isn’t. ISIS terrorists have other ideas for the festival. When Ariana sees an opportunity to recover her job as a hard news reporter by trying to interview one of the terrorists, she is drawn into their world. Zach and his comrades must use all of their Special Ops skills to try to save Ariana in this classic “damsel in distress” story.

I enjoyed Chasing Tomorrow by Ann Heathman and I could not put the book down, waiting to find out what happens to Ariana and Zach and their relationship as their career goals clash, a not uncommon event among couples in today’s world. Except that both Ariana’s and Zach’s jobs involve contact with mortal danger among some of the world’s deadliest cutthroats. The novel does contain much hard profanity and some graphic sexual content.