Conspiracy of Lies

Fiction - Historical - Event/Era
300 Pages
Reviewed on 09/30/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

Conspiracy of Lies by Kathryn Gauci is a historical novel with a powerful political setting against the backdrop of the turbulent period of WWII. It is 1940 and the Germans are making their entry into France. Claire Bouchard escapes to England where she'll stay for two years, but she gets recruited as a spy by the Special Operations Executive and sent back to France, now occupied by German troops. She works undercover as a teacher in Brittany. A chance meeting leads to a friendship with the wife of a top German official, a friendship that poses many dangers for her. Determined to protect the lives of her people, she sets out on the path of duplicity, becoming the mistress of the Gestapo Commandant. Will this affair allow her to glean information, and how long can she continue the affair before she is unmasked?

Kathryn Gauci has clearly established herself as the mistress of the historical romance genre, crafting a story with characters that are memorable. Claire Bouchard is a solid character and readers will want to follow her, worried for her, fearing for her life as though she were someone they knew in real life. The writing is impeccable and delightful. Readers will enjoy this espionage thriller, in a powerful setting with slippery paths leading into the enemy’s lair, and suspense that grips the reader by the throat. Conspiracy of Lies is a page-turner, masterfully woven. Your heartbeat will quicken with every page you turn. A wonderful read, indeed!