Elysium and The Dominion’s Prophesy

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Reviewed on 08/07/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Elysium is another name for the Garden of Eden.  Gehenna is another name for hell.  Abbaddon is satan.  Slate is the most powerful sorcerer in Gehenna.  Zacharias is a demon.  Dominions are guardian angels sent to live on Earth as humans.

This story begins with Elysium under attack; the only option is to seal the city.  The next scene is present day.  Curtis and Lynn Baird and their son Alex are part angel.  Alex has the mark of Yahweh on his brow.  He was the chosen one, the only one that could unseal Elysium.

Eysium and the Dominion’s Prophesy is an excellent read.  The author has incorporated, fantasy humor and a Christian theme.  The plot is fascinating.  The characters is delightful, elves, goblins, brownies, etc.  This is the Christian version of the HP series.  Young and old alike will enjoy Elysium and The Dominion’s Prophesy.  Don’t keep me waiting Michelle L. Ross.  When will the next book be available?