This Earth

Young Adult - Sci-Fi
200 Pages
Reviewed on 06/01/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Enlightenment: This Earth by Ken Kirkberry is a sci-fi read with characters and a plot that will appeal to young adult readers. Meet fourteen-year-old Sean, who has just survived a car crash, and hasn’t yet fully recovered from the trauma when he is thrust into a new and exciting reality, an alternate world similar to the world he has known, but more refined. Watch as Sean learns to adapt to this new world, where kings are still rulers and people still live like in the olden days. He must learn new ways, new technology, but most importantly, he must find an answer to the threat that could destroy both this alternate world and his own. Does he have what it takes?

Ken Kirkberry’s novel features a character that young readers will certainly connect with easily. Sean is young and curious, but he is forced to look at life differently by the challenging situations happening within and around him. The story starts with intense action and a dramatic event that will affect the life of the protagonist in many ways — the car crash. The reader is immediately introduced to Sean’s world and the people in it. The plot is engaging, evenly paced and exciting. Enlightenment: This Earth features very beautiful prose. The author writes great descriptions that allow readers to get vivid mental pictures of characters, and give a clear and logical flow to the story. The language is very accessible and will appeal to readers of different ages. This is an exciting story that efficiently handles the themes of family, coming of age, and adventure; a delightful read, indeed.