Fiona Dares to Disturb

Fiction - Action
252 Pages
Reviewed on 02/27/2020
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Author Biography

My preference is clearly for novels that amuse the reader and make our imagination fly. That is what I try to do when I write. Born in Brazil, living in Wittman, Maryland. Before becoming a full-time writer, I worked around the world implementing social and economic projects. It was thanks to those contacts that I learned to understand different cultures and to develop exotic characters.
I published The Last Flight of the Condor (2011) in Spanish, several books in Portuguese, including The Hungarian Who Left Without Warning (2013), the Nine Stories of the Glass Mermaid (2016), and recently a novel in Portuguese and English The Bride of Paraty (2018). And now Fiona Dares to Disturb (2020).

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Fiona Dares to Disturb is a work of fiction in the action and interpersonal drama genres, and it was written for an adult audience by author Marcelo Antinori. Our central titular character is the bold and somewhat eccentric Fiona, who has always had a fiercely independent spirit in her life. She sees herself as a survivor and even living in an elderly community does not dampen her fire and passion for life. So when corruption rears its ugly head in her little community, Fiona is the first to break out of its rules and regulations to begin a chain of events that will expose sinister practices right under everyone’s noses.

A truly unique setting for an action and adventure novel, this is a charming and exciting read that proves the heroic spirit never fades away, no matter what your age. Author Marcelo Antinori has a real talent for both character development and the diversity of characters in his excellent novel, which delivers cultural authenticity across the board and a real sense of emotion, connection and realism in the people of his little community. With Fiona as a central strong heroine to the piece, the plot events fall in nicely amongst her friends and foes. The organization of events builds clues and intrigue well, and the more of the story which is uncovered, the more difficult it becomes to put the book down. Overall, Fiona Dares to Disturb is an empowering, entertaining and uniquely narrated read that will please fans of alternative heroes and cozy mysteries alike.

Deborah Lloyd

Convent Hill is not your typical retirement community; it is a place for creative, artistic older people to continue to pursue their crafts. The wealthy founders, Katherine and T.B., purchased an old convent in California and renovated the property, which includes acres of forest. They had a motto: Instead of waiting for death, we are going to celebrate life. The residents were from many countries, with diverse backgrounds. A resident for three years, Fiona McGrath Kincaid was no exception. She challenged the rules while protecting her fellow residents and the institution itself. Two mysteries – the outcomes of patients who were transferred to the Medical Center or the hospice, and the disappearance of small items from residents’ rooms – were investigated by her. In addition, a possible expansion of the community was also being considered. Author Marcelo Antinori has written a unique and fascinating novel in Fiona Dares to Disturb.

The cast of characters is intriguing, bringing a wealth of international cultural and historical information. These include an Italian opera singer, a Canadian sculptress, Filipino twin sisters who were cousins of Ferdinand Marcos – the list of compelling characters is vast. Additionally, there are a local police officer, the current owner of the community, and the physicians. The book is skillfully crafted with a smooth flow of the storytelling. A great deal of information is imparted, but the reader is able to absorb it easily. It is a pageturner, and the ending is both unexpected and satisfying. Fiona Dares to Disturb, written by Marcelo Antinori, is a riveting book, from the first page to the last.

Liz Konkel

Fiona Dares to Disturb by Marcelo Antinori is a delightful tale that follows Fiona and her friends in their adventures at the elderly community of Convent Hill where they encounter thefts, bring down corrupt doctors, and ponder the meaning of life and death. Fiona thought life at Convent Hill would be dreadfully boring until she made some new friends and found her place among the zany residents. Soon Fiona realizes something more sinister is afoot as her friend Nina is convinced Convent Hill is going to be sold, corrupt medical practices are threatening the wellbeing of her friends, and mysterious thefts have left the community baffled. One thing Fiona knows for certain is that life is certainly not boring at Convent Hill.

Fiona is a delightful character, a strong and vibrant personality that drives the light and zany tone of the story. She’s a complex character that doesn’t speak much about herself and chooses to join in the gossip around the elderly community or inspect trees to find some time alone. Each of the characters is rich in personality and each one adds to the spark that drives the story forward while also providing Fiona with a zany community to surround herself with. Each of their stories is woven throughout which gives well-rounded insight into them. The story weaves threads of suspense and danger in a shocking discovery that rocks their community. The story also includes a mystery element as several items have disappeared, which plays into the larger plot of the story that Marcelo Antinori brings to life through Fiona.

Various poignant themes of life and death are explored. Antinori explores the line between living life and planning for death through the lens of this elderly community that’s vibrant with life but with death a constant occurrence. Fiona Dares to Disturb is a tale about breaking the rules, an adventure in medical corruption, a mystery with mysterious thefts, ponderings about life and death, and a fun character that makes the story addictive from beginning to end.