Heirs Of Wisdom

Wisdom Chronicles ~ Book Five

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
330 Pages
Reviewed on 03/25/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Benjamin Ookami for Readers' Favorite

If one were to inherit an entire kingdom from the man who founded that very kingdom, what would be the contiguous obstacles that come with it? Heirs of Wisdom (Wisdom Chronicles Book Five) by Walter C. Conner, suitably exhibiting a royal heir named Ryan who inherits the throne of Wisdom from his late grandfather, comes with answers to this question I felt compelled to ask myself in a setting that is as unique as it is enchanting. Ryan, thanks to his mother's account, had always been of the opinion that the reason his father had not been his grandfather's successor was because he was weak and died as a result of exactly that character flaw. It is, as he is bound to discover, not entirely correct. Through his great-grandmother, Ryan learns the truth about his father.

Though Ryan (fourteen) is the heir who inherits the kingdom, this fifth installment in the series is not centered around him, but around the series of events that resulted in Derek, his father, not being the successor of Alexander, who is Ryan's grandfather. Derek, who is believed to be a danger to his father, is portrayed as an ambitious individual and I could see this from the time he was a boy and throughout his aging process in the book. Though Walter C. Conner leaves readers privy to Derek' s fate as well as the dormant dark powers that reside within him, it is the fate of a sibling that is more interesting to discover. How Ryan will take the truth about his father is another thought to keep readers turning the pages of this diligently written tale.