Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend

A Clean Billionaire Romance Book One

Romance - Contemporary
490 Pages
Reviewed on 04/06/2018
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Author Biography

Bree Livingston lives in the West Texas Panhandle with her husband, children, and cats. She'd have a dog, but they took a vote and the cats won. Not in numbers, but attitude. They wouldn't even debate. They just leveled their little beady eyes at her and that was all it took for her to nix getting a dog. Her hobbies include...nothing because she writes all the time.

She loves carbs, but the love ends there. No, that's not true. The love usually winds up on her hips which is why she loves writing romance. The love in the pages of her books are sweet and clean, and they definitely don't add pounds when you step on the scale. Unless of course, you're actually holding a Kindle while you're weighing. Put the Kindle down, and try again. Also, the cookie because that could be the problem too. She knows from experience.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite

Winning a cruise was just what Belle Evans needed after losing her fiancé, her so-called best friend and her job, all in one fell swoop. But then she finds out that two of those three things have followed her to the middle of the ocean and she needs reinforcements. Quick! That’s how we begin Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend, because that’s what she needs, a pretend boyfriend to avoid looking foolish in front of two very terrible people. Bree Livingston created a fun, clean romance with a hardworking girl doing the best she can and a billionaire who simply wants to be wanted just for him and not his wealth. It starts off really well and then we meet the exes, Laura and Paul.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend was how much of a doormat Belle was when it came to Laura. I don't know why she was so nice to Laura, but at first it turned me off, until I realized that it was perfectly in line with who Belle was. She's someone who does what she thinks is right, not what the other person deserves, and it's what made her such a good match for Tristan. I had my problems with him too, but I understood, and Bree Livingston made it clear that he was in pain over losing his grandmother and not having anyone who really cared about him. It made him relatable and it also made it easier to forgive him when he was being a jerk. I loved the way the author was able to make me change my mind about Belle and see her the way Tristan did, because who wouldn't want the world to see them that way? Though I looked forward to seeing Belle give Laura the words she desperately deserved, it wasn't to be. In my mind though, Belle gave it to her good! A fun read for realistic romance fans.