If You Love, It Means You Are Alive!

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Reviewed on 07/17/2021
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Author Biography

Tatyana Mickushina is a Russian ​philosopher​, ​​writer, public figure, spiritual leader, and founder of spiritual Teaching, aimed at restoring morality in society.​
​From 2004 to the present, Tatyana has written over 70 books on spiritual, philosophical and moral topics.
​Her books have been translated into 20 languages, and published in 11 languages in Europe and the USA.

Tatyana was born in 1958 in Omsk, Russia. Her thoughts about God and the meaning of life were deeply affected by sports injury that led to a week-long period of dangling between life and death.

After graduating with honors from the Polytechnic University, Tatyana worked in space technology​.​ She kept interest in spiritual teachings and started practicing meditation.
Tatyana wrote her books through inspiration from almost 500 conversations with Teachers of Mankind. Her works received many reviews from public figures/scientists.

Her first book, Good and Evil: An individual interpretation of ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by Helena P. Blavatsky (2004) gives an original interpretation of the “fall of angels” and “the rebellion of Lucifer”.
Tatyana's works also focus on non-violence.
One of her fundamental works is Words of Wisdom, published in 5 volumes.

After its first Congress in 2014, her “Morality Movement”, requested UN Secretary General and participating politicians to promote true moral/spiritual principles.
Tatyana gives seminars/interviews across Russia and Europe.

In 2017, she was awarded the Order of the Russian Land “for contribution to the spiritual and moral revival of Russia”.

She obtained 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorite for Treasures of Divine Wisdom (2019), Sanat Kumara (2020), Maitreya (2021), Moyra Bronze Medal Winner(2022).

    Book Review

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

Not everyone is given the opportunity to receive teachings in the form of Messages from the etheric octaves of Light. Simply put, Tatyana N. Mickushina is one of those lucky ones, and she shares the teachings given to her by the Beings of Light in her book, If You Love, It Means You Are Alive! The teachings that she covers here are not new concepts, and they have existed since time immemorial. Although the approach, language, and culture of these teachings vary, they operate with one general theme—the theme of Love. From Jesus Christ to lesser-known emissaries of love and peace, Mickushina presents diverse teachings of these experienced and sincere masters that give us imaginative and sound ways of rethinking and expressing old ideas about the power of love.

So what’s in it for you when you read If You Love, It Means You Are Alive! For starters, Tatyana N. Mickushina helps you achieve balance and perspective by enabling you to understand the facets of love to help you create value in your own life. The Masters here come from different time periods. Think of them as a scatter of stars that you use as a compass to navigate the waters of your physical, emotional, and spiritual plane. It is a journey toward self-discovery that aims to help you understand the difference between divine love and earthly love. These are words of wisdom with a vibrational energy that becomes your inspiration and source of power toward self-actualization and a better understanding of that universal feeling called love. This is a recommended book to anyone who wishes to find answers to questions about love in a transformative vision.

Inga, London, UK

This book is very important. The basis of our life is Love.
But did you know about this that Human Love and Divine Love are completely different things.
This book talks about these differences and much more.

Read it and you will be amazed by the information you find in this book.


This is one of the books that lifts your mind up and nurishes your heart and soul!


This is one my favorite books by Tatyana Mickushina. It is usually on me altar. When reading this book, my heart is getting filled with Divine Love so much, that I feel totally content and self-sufficient. This is a very special book and must read especially by youth, since it contains unique knowledge on the women's role in the family, sexual energy, raising children, creating a strong family, based on strong spiritual values. This books can help you to avoid many mistakes in relationship and family. Also just realising that you are always loved by an unconditional Love of God makes me so happy. One of my favorite quotes is the following:

"I still appeal to you to experience more often the feeling of Love for all the living. It is only Love that is capable of performing miracles in your life and in the lives of the people surrounding you.

You love and it means you are alive! And that is the chief thing."


This book is not only a guide for a happy family life, but also explains the difference between true love and physiological instincts. Such a book should be studied by children in schools along with physics and mathematics, so that children can understand the value and importance of chastity. A wonderful book that should be on the bookshelf in every family.


All spiritual sources recommend finding the feeling of Love. But how can we do that? This book is very practical, it gives recommendations on how to anchor the focus of Love within your heart:

“… I have come to give you advice on how to anchor the focus of Love within your heart. Promise me that you will perform this exercise every day when you have a free minute. This exercise requires neither special preparation nor additional conditions. You may perform it at home or at work, among people in the busiest places. Thus, you should always see in your mind’s eye the image of a person you love. I understand very well that many of you may say that you do not feel love towards anybody in this world. This is a delusion. You must love. You must find in your consciousness an image towards which you feel love. I do not mean by this that it must be an image of your beloved. But search your soul attentively and try to find that image towards which you are able to feel love. This can be your mother, your father, your spouse, or your children. This can be an Ascended Master with whom you have an inner link.
If your heart suffers from a trauma so severe that the very reminder of your beloved causes self-pity and tears in your eyes, you should still look for an image towards which you could aspire with your consciousness and towards which you could feel Love. It could even be your pet or favorite plants. Cultivate the feeling of Love in your heart.”

Vanessa, USA

My girl-friend gifted me this book,it was very relevant to me at that time, I was in a difficult relationship.
OMG, this book was able to get me out of depression, better than any medicine. Thanks to this book, I understood and realized many mistakes I made. There is a guide to life. Consciousness rises and the heart opens.

I recommend to all women and it will also be very useful for men.

Sheila Good

This is a shock, but everyone should know it, thank you!