Jessica's Footprints

Fiction - Science Fiction
154 Pages
Reviewed on 07/02/2022
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J. R. Evangelisti has written novels in a variety of genres, to include comedy, mystery and science fiction (post-apocalyptic dystopia).

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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Jessica’s Footprints is a science fiction novel written by J.R. Evangelisti. As a 17-year-old, Jessica Bethany found fossilized footprints in New South Wales that were a revolutionary discovery. Dr. Zimmerman was there when she found them. Twenty years later, Jessica Bethany holds doctorates in ethno-archaeology and mythology. She’s also in demand as a speaker in Roswell on her past experiences and her belief in extraterrestrial life. Her friend, Dr. Samuel Benjamin, is concerned, however, about the state of Jessica’s mental health. She seems to be under some kind of stress and is experiencing dreamlike states where she finds herself dancing. When she gives a mathematician a complex formula that goes beyond the understanding of the leading mathematicians, she sets off a governmental hunt.

J.R. Evangelisti’s science fiction, metaphysical novel, Jessica’s Footprints is highly imaginative and very moving. I loved the southwestern venue, especially the parts of the story that concern the Navajo medicine man and Tribal Officer Tom. Evangelisti’s characters are well-presented, and there’s plenty of action and adventure. While some gentle jibes and jokes are presented at the expense of the more radical Roswell set, this story will appeal to anyone who’s ever wondered about Roswell, ancient astronauts and the origins of our knowledge base. There’s also the mystery behind Jessica’s assertion that the footprints she found were not from an alien life-form which is in direct contradiction to the testimony of her mentor, Dr. Zimmerman. Jessica’s Footprints is a lot of fun to read, and it gives the reader lots of desert skies and landscapes to enjoy, as well as lots of things to think about. It’s highly recommended.

Christine Nguyen

Jessica’s Footprints begins with seventeen-year-old German Jessica Bethany from Texas, who goes on a field trip with Dr. Wilhelm Zimmerman and finds footprints which garner her international fame for her discovery in Australia’s Lake Mungo. Flash forward twenty years to Dr. Jessica Bethany, who holds a doctorate in ethno-archaeology from Vienna and in mythology from Harvard. She is in New Mexico as a guest speaker and there is great controversy about her findings as the footprints were first thought to be the oldest human prints ever found - two million years old - but Jessica claimed that it was a miscalculation that has been corrected to be only twenty thousand years old. Dr. Wilhelm Zimmerman is at odds with the claim and Jessica, as he argues that it is not a miscalculation, but the truth that he asserts Jessica is hiding. Jessica starts acting strange and attracting the notice of government officials who want to suppress her new findings of a unique mathematical program. No one knows where she got it from and suspicions and evidence arise that it’s sent from above.

Author J.R. Evangelisti writes this fast paced novel with skill and riveting incidents about various people, weaving all into an intricate plot that has readers guessing and wondering. Slowly, like chess pieces moved on the chess board, things and events start making sense to readers, and more clues are brought forward to conclude in a sensational finale. The reader is engrossed every step of the way, being inspired by what is possible in this world and what is possible in the celestial universe. An enjoyable and fun read!

Faridah Nassozi

Jessica was a respected archaeologist who had earned her place in the world of science and became popular at an early age after she made a very rare discovery. Jessica's current projects was exploring dreams, but she was having problems of her own as far as dreams were concerned. Out of nowhere, and in the middle of the day, Jessica would enter a dreamlike state and lose touch with reality. The situation started escalating further and further and, on more than one occasion, she would feel a strange presence, hear drums, and then start dancing, irrespective of where she was. Working with a dear friend and psychiatrist, she struggled to understand what was causing these spells. However, before she could learn anything, she became a person of national interest when she shared a rather out of this world equation with a certain scientist, making her the number one wanted person by the government and others with less patriotic intentions.

Jessica’s Footprints by J.R. Evangelisti is a very intriguing story with a perfect mix of science fiction and suspense to keep you glued to the pages until the very last word. The story is based on a unique and captivating plot with out of this world and yet believable theories. I enjoyed the way the people interested in Jessica's work were of two great extremes - those who completely believed in it and those who completely disagreed with her theories; each side strongly believing that they had the truth. The tension and suspense kept me reading non-stop so I could get to the end and understand how the story played out. But when I got there, I was not at all prepared for the twist; the ending was unlike any I could have imagined; it was absolutely mind boggling.

Nicholus Schroeder

Jessica's Footprints is a sci-fi tale by J. R. Evangelisti. Jessica Bethany's discovery on the shores of Lake Mungo was a terrific and lucky find. She found a set of fossilized footprints that were similar to human feet in proportion and shape but the prints had webbing between the toes. Twenty years later, people still recall her monumental find and believe the fossil is proof that aliens exist and that they’ve visited Earth at least once. Jessica, however, didn’t agree with the fanatics and claimed the fossil was simply a human foot that had changed form due to the elements. Jessica's opinion on the subject changed drastically after the string of weird episodes and dreams that she experienced. In her trance-like state, she'd write equations far beyond what a human should be capable of, and one such equation drew the attention of the government. What lengths will the government go to in procuring Jessica's “holy grail” level of equations? And what do Jessica's episodes mean?

Jessica's Footprints is science fiction at its best! The theories discussed in this book were intriguing and they weren't confusing nor did I need to use Google to decipher them, thanks to J. R. Evangelisti’s concise explanations and examples in layman’s terms. I was pleased with the plot and it came across as well thought out and structured. The pacing was to my liking as well, and it worked hand in hand with the tension in certain scenes to bring the scenes to life. The characters that J. R. Evangelisti has created formed a likable and organic cast. A strong supporting cast of characters complemented an already stellar main cast. The characters were multidimensional and had some nice depth to them. There weren't any weak links. They all had a role to play in breathing life into the story. I enjoyed reading this book! The content and formatting were just perfect, and I believe fellow sci-fi lovers will feel the same way about this book after reading it.

Jennie More

Jessica's Footprints by J. R . Evangelisti is a science fiction story centered around Jessica Bethany. When Jessica was seventeen years old, she discovered the footprints of webbed feet with Dr. Zimmerman and concluded that this was proof of extraterrestrial life on earth. Fast forward twenty years later, and Jessica Bethany has now become a world-renowned mathematician with celebrity status. After considering additional information, Jessica comes to a different conclusion, refuting the idea that the webbed footprints are proof of extraterrestrial life on earth. Her latest evaluation angers her former mentor Dr. Zimmerman, who also discovered the footprints with her and is convinced that the webbed footprints are definitive proof. The story unfolds as Jessica and Dr. Zimmerman passionately disagree on the findings.

Jessica's Footprints by J. R . Evangelisti is aimed at adolescents or young adults. It includes many fascinating elements to keep readers entertained - it is magical, mysterious, and whimsical. I enjoyed reading this book because it was well-written, suspenseful, and surprising. I did not expect the ending, which was a delightful surprise. The plot was well-constructed, heartwarming, and inventive. Jessica's Footprints took me from reality into an imaginative world where anything is possible. I enjoyed the characters Sherry, Maggie May, and Tony because they added a humorous element, making it entertaining and relatable. The children, Maggie May and Tony, embodied the whimsical wonder of the book, and therefore their characters complemented the storyline.

Miche Arendse

Jessica’s Footprints by J.R. Evangelisti traverses time from 20,000 B.C. to the present day, unraveling mysteries from the past. Young Jessica comes across the footprints of two young children on a field trip where an archaeological dig takes place. This steers her toward a job in the field some twenty years later. The mystery of the footprints still prevails. However, one of Jessica’s colleagues is convinced the footprints were made by extra-terrestrials. This leads Jessica on a tour across the country, landing her in Roswell, New Mexico where she might just be forced to change her mind.

Jessica’s Footprints by J.R. Evangelisti is definitely an interesting read although a tad confusing to follow in the beginning. There are a few time skips at the beginning of the book but once you find your footing you can’t help but enjoy this story. Jessica’s Footprints was well written and has a host of unique characters, particularly the main character. Adult Jessica is definitely a force to be reckoned with, being extremely intelligent and having accomplished so much. It was very refreshing having a female lead who was so academically inclined. The only thing I wished to see was more world-building and perhaps a bit more character background. Considering the length of the book and the multiple timelines we explore, it is understandable that these areas couldn’t be covered in greater detail. However, I really enjoyed reading this book.