Juliette's Web

Children - Grade K-3rd
34 Pages
Reviewed on 07/08/2023
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Author Biography

Andrea loves to take long walks. One day while walking, she happened upon a wrought iron fence that was the home to several spider webs. She stopped to admire the spectacular webs and took a few pictures. She was mesmerized by their intricate designs. Then she started to think about the clever spiders who spun those beautiful webs, and from there, like a spider, she began to weave her charming story, Juliette’s Web. Whenever Andrea sees a spider, she is reminded of her adorable main character, Juliette, who was her first eight-legged friend.

When Andrea isn’t writing heartwarming stories, she is teaching fabulous first graders, her career for the past twenty-four years, and baking sweet treats with her curious cat, Ivy. She has yet to try Juliette’s favorite dessert, chocolate beetle soufflé…sounds interesting!

Andrea appreciates you stopping by to visit her page on Readers’ Favorite and hopes Juliette becomes your first eight-legged friend. In the words of Juliette, "Ooh-La-La!"

    Book Review

Reviewed by David Korson for Readers' Favorite

Juliette's Web by Andrea Hyatt is a heartening children’s book that is a wonderful fit for beginning readers. Juliette is a delightfully friendly spider with a cousin who became famous after spinning an impressive web atop the Eiffel Tower. Captivated by her cousin Antoinette, Juliette focuses on finding an ideal location to build a web for herself. By being observant and thoughtful, she selects a lovely older house as the optimal place to fashion her home. However, the presence of a spider inside a house already occupied by people quickly becomes a challenge for little Juliette. When she ultimately designs her web on a fence outside the house, Juliette finds something more special than simply a place for her to settle down.

Colorful illustrations fill the pages of Juliette's Web. I especially enjoyed the bits of silliness peppered throughout the artwork and the book’s text. You can’t help but smile when imagining things like a spider wearing a beret while eating a vanilla bug cream croissant. Whether reading aloud to your child or helping them read, you’ll find the account of a lovely spider searching for a home endearing and entertaining. In addition to regaling us with Juliette’s adventure, Hyatt’s book effectively expands our vocabulary and knowledge by introducing simple French words and interesting facts about spiders. Juliette's Web is a beautiful story about forging our path and finding friendship, one that will charm and delight young hearts.

Ann Linus

Did you know spiders love their webs as much as humans love their houses? Did you know that spiders spend 30–60 minutes building a web? Well, I didn’t know any of that until I read Juliette’s Web by Andrea Hyatt. Juliette is a young spider, and she looks up to her older cousin Antoinette, who is famous for her magnificent webwork on the Eiffel Tower. Antoinette was classy and successful—everything that Juliette wanted and was ready to work for. So Juliette began hunting for a place to make her mark, which had to be somewhere good. After a long search, she found a beautiful old house and went into one of its lovely rooms. Just as she was planning her fancy web, she heard a shriek and saw a terrified little girl and her older brother standing beside her. Juliette’s life flashed before her eyes. Will her dreams be the death of her?

Juliette’s Web was a good blend of entertaining and informative. I was intrigued by Juliette’s adventure, and I learned a couple of interesting facts in the course of my reading. Similarly, this narrative’s diction blended fun and education, which I think is perfect for children. This story was illustrated with beautiful drawings, some of the most colorful drawings I have seen in a children’s book. I should mention a couple of French words I learned from this book. All of these features make for an engaging read. Andrea Hyatt created a very appealing spider story, and Nicholas Child did a great job creating the visuals. I enjoyed this book and gladly recommend it to any interested reader.

Doreen Chombu

Juliette's Web is a children's picture book written by Andrea Hyatt with illustrations by Nicholas Child. The story follows a spider named Juliette, who wants to weave a magnificent web like her famous French cousin, Antoinette, who spun her web at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Juliette only knows five French words and cannot compare to her cousin, who can speak the language fluently and wears gorgeous hats. Fortunately, one thing she can do is weave a web. So, Juliette decides to find a spot to spin a web that will not be dismissed as mere cobwebs. Luckily, she found an old mansion with an iron fence. It may not be a famous landmark like the Eiffel Tower, but it made her feel at home. Get a copy of this book and join Juliette as she weaves her web and makes new friends.

Juliette's Web is a cute story introducing your children to charming characters. Juliette is an inspirational character who wanted to weave a unique web. Unlike her other relatives, she was inspired by Antoinette’s work and aimed for greatness. Andrea Hyatt creatively teaches this lesson in a way that children will understand and appreciate. The story contains French phrases with English translations, which is a unique and unexpected addition. The book has colorful illustrations with beautiful paintings, sculptures, and vintage furniture that give the book an artistic feel. I loved everything about this book and recommended parents and caregivers read it with their children to appreciate the story and its artistry.