Just Saying

Melanie's Story, Sorrento Book 3

Fiction - Womens
368 Pages
Reviewed on 07/12/2017
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Author Biography

I am a Kiwi author and I live in New Zealand. I love to write books for women that elicit emotions and where the characters find a happy-for-now through emotional growth. I enjoy taking my dogs to the beach, eating chocolate and watching rugby. Indiana USA is my second home.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

I've got some catching up to do. I have just finished Just Saying by Jianna Higgins. This is Melanie’s Story and apparently it is just one novel in a series called The Sorrento Series. I love the names. Just Kidding, Just Wondering, Just Going, and now, Just Saying. I want to read them all, hence the catching up. I believe Jianna Higgins has a lovely and unique voice. Her portrayal of modern life from the female perspective is poignant and powerful. I found myself moved by a description of a woman with a million things to do, and no one to do them with. A woman who is around a lot of people, but who doesn't feel she is touching anyone. It was so real, so modern, and so sad. I felt I had lived this life before. Maybe I am living it now, but I am just hardened to it. Maybe we are all living it, but only feel it sometimes.

The writing was on point. That’s the first thing. If Jianna Higgins could not write, I don’t see why anyone would be interested in Melanie’s story. But, fortunately, Jianna Higgins can write very well. I’m guessing a lot of people will get to know Melanie. The characters have been plucked right out of modern life and that makes them a flawed, interesting, and tragic group indeed. Jianna Higgins doesn't miss a beat. She paints them perfectly, in all their modern angst. The plot is also modern. It is modern life, and it is as flawed as the characters who live it. The story only needs the perfect pen, with the perfect voice, in order to spring to life. That would be Jianna Higgins.