Kingdom of God

Fiction - Thriller - General
242 Pages
Reviewed on 11/24/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite

When Michael received a call from a private number, he knew it couldn't be a good thing. Breaking the house rules, he turned on the television and watched the report. As he left, he could already see the black plumes of smoke over Mexico, although he never expected to be leading the dispatch there. The explosive was detonated nine yards from the San Ysidro Port of Entry and the suspect vehicle was last owned by a church organisation, but there were other factors to consider, other clues and leads to follow, and although he hadn't worked the field for fifteen years, Michael finds himself on the front line of the tragedy which left four people dead and nearly forty injured. Discover the gripping aftermath of a horrific event brought to you in Greg Mantell's Kingdom of God.

Kingdom of God is an atmospheric read following the events of a bombing aftermath. The hunt is on for the people responsible, but this alone is not what the story is about; it views the setting as a whole, the effects and responses. As a read, I must say that I enjoyed the incorporation of simple Spanish phrases; some of my appreciation is because I speak and read it at a good level, so I understood the exchange. Greg Mantell sets up gripping scenes filled with suspense. Everything about Kingdom of God - the characters, the settings, the interactions - all have a very real feel to it. Dark and sinister, but with a ray of hope as you bear witness to support and bonding. This could easily be a true tale rather than one woven from the imagination, and it will stir many conflicting emotions.