The Shadow Chronicles Book 2

Fiction - Paranormal
254 Pages
Reviewed on 06/20/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

Linked by K.R. Fajardo is the second book in The Shadow Chronicles. Citera, Mikel, and their friends live a peaceful and routine life, hidden away from patrols, inspectors, and Shadows. It has been six months since K showed up, turning around their lives. When K is forced to confront her past, her control is snapped. Citera begins to experience strange symptoms, which force Jaron and K to reveal the secret they've been keeping, one that will change her life. Meanwhile, Maya is still locked inside the Tower, trying to connect to Jarod who keeps pushing her away. A trip out of the Tower forces Jarod to confront his feelings for Maya, and forces him to make a decision that could get them both killed.

Linked is a mysterious and gritty story of survival, with dark themes, high stakes, and questionable morals. The “peaceful” safe haven is evenly balanced with the literal heart of the darkness within the Tower. The camp is hidden and families are together, at ease and neighborly, but the Tower is a place of pain and torture. K.R. Fajardo blends humor with high emotional stakes and danger. Maya's journey is terrifying as she's trying to survive in the Tower, unable to trust anyone and living as a captive. She's easy to connect with, and garners a lot of sympathy as she's forced to make the decision to help others or save herself. Fajardo has woven a lot of commentary throughout the plot, with themes of torture, freedom, and the treatment of women.