Little Stories

Fiction - Anthology
104 Pages
Reviewed on 04/15/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Little Stories is a collection of 11 short stories.  Jeff Roberts takes a look at life and the challenges it offers.  Roberts demonstrates that we only think we are in control.  The best stories are the ones that look at relationships between man and woman.  One story discusses a young couple living together, more than roommates--but less than committed.   The female spends time with an old flame, forming a rift between the two roommates.  In another story, a married couple decides they need to spend time apart.  When the husband returns early, his wife does not show the sentiment he expected.
Roberts writes in descriptive manner.  He conveys the hurt, confusion, and disappointment his characters experience.  Each story expresses the depth of emotion that we each feel when we face a situation gone wrong.   After pondering this read, I feel that Jeff Roberts is demonstrating death.  Death of a man, death of a pet, death of a relationship, death of trust…..  Roberts is an extremely talented author, and we will see more of him in the future.

Liana Metal

Little Stories is a collection of short stories that lure the mind into a dream space of relationships and turbulent feelings. The author uses vivid scenes, live images and real strong characters and situations. His stories are detailed and well crafted, and his writing style is highly emotional and sensitive. Jeff tries to capture moments in real life, just like a photographer does. He depicts the raw reality using detailed descriptions, complex sentences and live dialogue. He talks about relationships, love, death, betrayal, misery, desperation and loneliness, all the emotions a man can feel. The readers will sympathize with him and feel the emotional ups and downs his stories convey.

This book is enjoyable to read and feel; Jeff's stories stimulate imagination and leave the reader think about the future. It is a great book for the thinking reader. Get this book from [...]

Liana Metal, author of Storytime

Yvonne Phillips FSII

One of these "Little Stories" that caught my attention was Valentine's Day 2005. It is a "real story" that a lot of us can relate to, especially right now, right this moment in time. It was so real that you could see yourself ending a relationship that seemed to be one that would be there until you ended it. But that was not to be, things change, companies change and then you are at their mercy. From the moment you get the "pink slip" to the moment you walk in with your manila envelope to the HR Manager, it is not real. All moments in time cease to exist, no more passing by the guard and him smiling and waving to you. No more lunch with colleagues that you enjoyed. Jeff Roberts is very good at creating the moment in time for you. He is subtle, he is to the point and he is also encouraging you to move on and move forward right then and now. These are "real" stories and once you figure out that there is a message waiting for you, you can easily relate. I would love to see Jeff do a sequel to these stories and see where he will next take us.