LOVE The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On

Non-Fiction - Memoir
132 Pages
Reviewed on 09/17/2017
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Author Biography

I'm a life-long dreamer, lover, and life-traveler. When I found myself with a 6-months-to-live diagnosis, as in all things in my life, I took control over my own healing.
From the passionate coast of Puerto Vallarta, MX to breathtaking mountains of Whistler BC, I searched for answers. I found them with the help of a Shaman in Sedona Az. Together we brought the broken pieces of my soul back home. LOVE The Beat Goes On is my story.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

LOVE: The Beat Goes On is a non-fiction memoir/motivational book written Lynda Filler. Filler was living the good life, albeit it wasn’t a life immune from the stresses and strains of modern times. She was a motivated and successful businesswoman, and while her marriage had floundered, she was both looking forward to what came next and enjoying life in her newly found paradise, Puerto Vallarta. In 2008, however, she was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy. After suffering random episodes of shortness of breath, which seemed exacerbated by the high altitudes she encountered when she moved to Whistler, a particularly bad spell finally compelled her to check with her doctor. After having tried and not gotten relief from the medications prescribed to treat her condition, her cardiologist sat her down and advised that she get her affairs in order. Filler was understandably stunned by the news. She was fit and relatively young -- how could her heart fail? Then she found herself flying to Phoenix on the first leg of a journey to Sedona where she would embark on an exhilarating and life-changing path towards healing.

Lynda Filler’s LOVE: The Beat Goes On is a well-written and inspiring account of the author’s journey of healing from what is commonly considered a terminal condition. Her story is frankly and candidly told, and I soon found myself enjoying the time I was spending reading her tale. Filler is not advising that her audience forgo their prescribed medications and turn to New Age Healing; rather, she’s showing how a blend of traditional and alternative healing turned her life around and healed her heart. I loved reading about her car trips through Mexico, up the West Coast into Canada and, of course, up to the red hills of Sedona, but I was particularly moved by her account of the day she spent with Akal. She quickly discovered that he was much more than merely a driver hired to show her the sights. A shaman and drummer who was intricately connected to the energy of Sedona, the time spent with him transformed her from being “breathless and broken..(with) a part of my soul..missing” into a whole being once again. That part of her story passage is powerful and unforgettable. Filler’s account will be invaluable for anyone confronted by physical conditions or illness, and her story is truly inspirational. I also appreciate her including an appendix with recommended readings and links to websites. LOVE: The Beat Goes On is most highly recommended.

Mamta Madhavan

LOVE The Beat Goes On by Lynda Filler is an uplifting and insightful book that will help all those readers who are on a quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. The recollections, conversations, and personal experiences of the author speak about her determination and positive outlook to get over Dilated Cardiomyopathy, one of those diseases, according to doctors, that cannot be healed. What the author shares mostly in the book is about the emotional work required to fix the mess that contributed to the broken hearts and broken bodies in the first place. How the author took care of her emotions which, when messy and uncomfortable, can play an important role in our health, gives a peek into her life and story.

The story is inspiring and shows how positive thinking can actually help us heal ourselves to a certain extent. Lynda Filler’s message to readers is simple. She asks us to get rid of negative thoughts and stresses the importance of the power of our minds, which can play a crucial role in our well-being. Her story is honest, straightforward, and powerful, and many readers will be able to connect well with her experiences and how her spirit came to believe that sometimes the impossible can be made possible with the way we think. This book helps us to understand the extraordinary sources of direction, healing, and energy, and how the author lives a fully healed life with good health. It is good to read books like this with positive vibes as they can change our lives for the better.

Faridah Nassozi

How do you go on with life after your doctor tells you that there is nothing that can be done for you? Ten years after her cardiologist told her to put her affairs in order, Lynda Filler narrates her journey and how she beat the odds and went on to live a fulfilling life. By narrating her journey to recovery, Lynda hopes to inspire others into making better choices when it comes to health so they can live healthier and happier lives. Lynda acknowledges and appreciates the importance of making better health decisions through such things like exercising and eating right, but her narration focuses on the emotional part of the healing journey.

LOVE: The Beat Goes On by Lynda Filler is a simple read, yet one filled with practical advice on how to embark on a healing journey with the right emotions and attitude. Without taking anything away from the role the medical professionals play, Lynda's focus on the emotional side of the battle against any disease is a very vital one, for if you are not in the right state of mind, the doctors' efforts to save you might all be in vain. I also found very critical the part of the story before her diagnosis, where her body gave her numerous warning signs that she chose to ignore. Her emphasis on the need to always listen to your body and not ignore any warning signs made this a compelling read. The guidelines she shares are simple and very practical.

Kayti Nika Raet

In 2008 author Lynda Filler, a successful Canadian entrepreneur, was told by her cardiologist to get her affairs in order as the previously undiagnosed Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy, which had left her heart enlarged for years, often claimed patients within five years. But Lynda Filler is not a woman to take a death sentence lying down and in LOVE The Beat Goes On, an aptly titled, fast paced and inspirational memoir, she tells the reader the simple yet powerful concepts that led to her healing, recovery and the ability to hold her first grandchild in her arms ten years after the initial dire prognosis.

It is an introspective read, letting the reader know that they are not alone when it comes to the challenges of self care, but how through mindfulness and listening to one's own body they can help assist doctors and other medical personnel in their own healing. Filler is also an author of several poems and novels, and while LOVE The Beat Goes On is my first encounter with her work, she provides just enough interest and intrigue to draw new readers as well as capture the imaginations of loyal fans. Filler also provides many resources in LOVE The Beat Goes On that are guaranteed to further broaden the mind and assist anyone unsure of where to start on their path to self healing. I enjoyed reading LOVE The Beat Goes On. It was a quick, relatable read and did a good job of giving us a glimpse into the journey of a remarkable woman.

Marta Tandori

What do you suppose happens when your cardiologist tell you that you’re sick – really sick, in fact – and that you need to get your affairs in order? Find out what happens in LOVE The Beat Goes On, a candid, real-life journey to health by Lynda Filler. At fifty, Lynda Filler was at a crossroads in her life and certainly wasn’t about to put too much store on the results of an EKG which put her heart function at that of a seventy-year-old. She was about to be single once again, her kids were grown and she was about to quit her high-stress job in Whistler, Canada and make a move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While living an idyllic life on the sun-drenched shores of the Mexican Riviera, the signs that all wasn’t right with her body were becoming more troublesome but Lynda didn’t pay much heed to them because she had a busy life to lead. However, after five years in Puerto Vallarta, some of the magic has worn off and Lynda is ready to move on. A new job opportunity brings her back to Whistler and to a new relationship, but her constant shortness of breath has, by now, turned into something more alarming. Several consults and tests later, Lynda is diagnosed with congestive heart failure – Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy, to be exact - and her prognosis looks grim…

The author is clearly a free spirited woman who makes no bones about her choices in life and is unapologetic about any of them. From Reiki healing to magic crystals to writing, the author has done it all. Her tone is grounded without being constrained and, yet, she has an unwavering belief in that which may not have a logical explanation. As a redhead, Lynda has said that she has a fast comeback for everything. This is apparent in the touches of sarcasm in her prose that add humor to an otherwise very serious book. The turning point in her life certainly appears to be Lynda’s trip to Sedona, Arizona and her time with Akal, a shaman, and their visit to the Airport Vortex where she went as a very sick woman and left as a Strongheart – both in name and in body and soul. The author has several key pieces of advice gleaned on her spiritual journey to healing, the most important one being, “You’re not dead yet – don’t accept a death sentence while you’re still alive.” At the heart of it, LOVE The Beat Goes On has some powerful advice for all who need their hearts and souls mended, and for those who simply seek motivation in their lives.

K.J. Simmill

In 2008 Lynda was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. Her life expectancy was less than five years. Yet now in 2017, nearly ten years later, she is still here to tell her tale. In the past, heart disease  was thought to be something which mainly affected men, it was dubbed with the moniker 'the widow maker' because survival rates and time afforded were low. The short chapters of this book are rich with insight and wisdom, all crafted from a personal perspective. It isn't a medical professional book saying 'do this, do that' - it's a living, breathing survivor stating, 'look, this is what worked for me.' It covers a range of topics, and not those you normally come across. It is a book about life, pain, and paths of healing, what worked for them, from learning to trust their own intuition to purification, letting go, and not being afraid to keep fighting; after all, as they themselves reinforce, 'you're not dead yet.'

LOVE: The Beat Goes On by Lynda Filler starts by telling you a little about heart disease, nothing overwhelming or overly scientific, more about its misconceptions, and then delves into the author's life, not too deeply, just skirting around enough so that you get a feel for what was going on in Lynda's life, which could trigger alarm bells for a reader experiencing similar things. Style wise, it's a mixture between a story and an informative guide, often flicking between the two while leaning more towards the story aspect. It is well constructed and, as Lynda learns more about her condition, it provides an educational medium for the reader to also learn. It gives some insight into how they were feeling and what they were thinking as the narrative works well an internal monologue at times. The insertion of guidelines at the end of relevant chapters was a nice touch. It contains advice you may not find in any other place, after all, this is Lynda's story, her life, experiences and interactions, and no two people live the same life. It is clear a lot of heart went into writing this book.