Lucy Meets the Family

Lucy's Tale, #2

Children - Picture Book
30 Pages
Reviewed on 09/28/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Lucy Meets the Family: Lucy's Tale, #2 is a children’s animal picture book written by Rolynda Tassan and illustrated by Ruby Wheeler. Lucy was excited to be going to her new home. The little gray rescue kitten could hardly wait, and she fidgeted as Ben held her carefully and carried her through the front door. Then he gently put her down on the floor, where her new animal family was waiting to meet her. Ben introduced Lucy to each of them. There was Addy, a large cat who was gray like herself. Sissy was a small brown and white dog, and Pippin was a big, brown dog. Lucy instantly wanted to play with her new family, but they still weren’t quite sure about this new arrival in their home. After Ben and his parents left for the store, Lucy started exploring her new surroundings. Being a kitten, she was bound to get in trouble for making a mess out of the litter box, or jumping up on a kitchen counter and playing with the donuts she found up there. Each time, one of her new family members was telling her what she had done wrong; it didn’t seem like she could do anything right. But then Ben came home; his arms were filled with toys, a bed and other things for Lucy, and everything seemed to get better.

Rolynda Tassan’s children’s animal picture book, Lucy Meets the Family: Lucy's Tale, #2, follows the adventures of a rescue kitten as she meets her new family and home for the first time. Introducing new animals can be unsettling for both the new member and the established pets, and Ben’s careful introductions, with special hugs for Addy, Pippin, and Sissy, demonstrate how a little extra attention can lessen the insecurity some pets may feel when a new one is brought into the home. Tassan uses language geared towards new readers, with repetitions designed to help kids gain confidence in their reading abilities and rapidly process new words and phrases. Ruby Wheeler’s illustrations are cheerful and do a great job at enhancing the story. I especially liked the facial expressions she gives to each animal. Lucy Meets the Family: Lucy's Tale, #2 is most highly recommended.