Meat The Family

Based on Meat My Uncle by Erez Bailen

Fiction - Humor/Comedy
26 Pages
Reviewed on 06/15/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Meat The Family, based on Meat My Uncle by Erez Bailen is a humorous science fiction work written by Nick Coronis. So you thought your family was dysfunctional? James Jones would have a thing or three to tell you about dysfunctional families, and he would know. His family defines dysfunctional in a very big way. His father is inhabiting a fantasy planet of his own making, and his mother -- or is she actually his mother? -- is a he named Jake. Jake is bisexual, a fact James shared in class one time, which elicited massive dismay and disapproval. James was pretty crazy about his decidedly different mom until he began to wonder if she might not be his mom after all. But far worse than James’ mom and dad is Uncle Jones. Uncle Jones has green antennae and a penchant for meat. When Uncle Jones tells James that he loves him, it’s because James is made of meat. James thinks that’s kind of weird. Good thing he’s got sister Jane on his side.

Nick Coronis’ darkly humorous science fiction work, Meat The Family, based on Meat My Uncle by Erez Bailen, boggles the mind as it entertains, enlightens and confuses all at once. When Mom, Dad and Uncle Jones decide to take James off for a session of torture, maiming, disembowelment and who knows what else, I had to accept the fact that this family was indeed somewhat more dysfunctional than my own, and that’s saying something. Coronis’ humor is sharp, so much so that you might find yourself getting sliced to ribbons as you read this disarming and hilarious tale of murder, mayhem and aliens. They’re among us, you know, and you might even be living with them right now. Meat The Family, based on Meat My Uncle by Erez Bailen is a hoot and a half, and it’s highly recommended.

Erez Bailen

Thanks, I really appreciate it, and so does Nick!!! We really love that you enjoyed it!!!