Moonful of Love

Fiction - Drama
243 Pages
Reviewed on 03/18/2017
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Author Biography

Magus Tor is a dreamer who enjoys dreaming varied dreams of being a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer and a teacher but never in the wildest dream to become a writer. Since starting to write in 2007, Magus continues to explore creating worlds in his imaginative mild. Although he wishes to specialize in writing fantasy but his mind twisted his will and he ended up writing more Science Fiction than Fantasy. So far, his only fantasy novella is D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown.

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    Book Review

Reviewed by Kathi Nidd for Readers' Favorite

Kellion S. Mocking is on a journey. One step at a time, on foot from town to town, he walks alone. He endures physical pain, and searches for forgiveness from emotional pain that rose from a life filled with tragedy, bad choices and mistakes. One day, as Kellion continues his walk, he is thrust into hero mode when he finds a young girl drowning in the river, obviously by her own choice, and saves her from suicide. Now, Kellion and the girl are forever joined together and she accompanies him on his journey in search of the one thing that will bring him peace. As the two make their way, stopping in makeshift campsites or on the properties of kind strangers, his story unfolds in small pieces to the girl. It is a story of lost parents, life in an orphanage, opportunities lost, addictions and bad decisions. It's the tale of a life that would seem tragic and dark, but for his love of another girl, Angelius, with whom Kellion had purpose, joy and love. But who, due to Kellion’s mistakes, was lost years ago. Without judgment, the girl, who possesses knowledge and insight beyond her years, listens to the story of Kellion's past, and uncovers the sad truth of Kellion's present life, becoming the forgiving and caring listener he longs for. This is the beautiful story of love and life told by Magnus Tor in the mesmerizing novel Moonful of Love.

Moonful of Love is one of the most captivating and beautiful stories I have read in a very long while. From the first page, where Kellion rescues the girl, the reader is spellbound by the fluidity of the writing and the spaciousness of the story. In the same way that the girl listens openly and quietly to Kellion's story such that she doesn't want to leave his side, the reader is left sitting quietly in their wake, not wanting to leave Moonful of Love. Magnus Tor has done an incredible job of making Kellion, a character of rebellion and addiction, who would not typically draw empathy, into a character which the reader cannot let go and is rooting for. Even during times when the book was put down, Kellion and the girl remained in my mind as I eagerly wanted to get back to them and ensure Kellion's journey came to its proper end. There is something quite rare and welcoming today about a story that is told unhurriedly; a story told at the quiet and simple pace of the man and a girl walking in the contentment of their own company. This book is a refreshing treat from a fast paced world and the many books that follow suit. It is, instead, a well woven journey of a realistic, well developed character’s quest to find salvation, whose thoughts and questions will mirror those of any reader.