Mudfoot and Tori

Christian - Fiction
427 Pages
Reviewed on 01/02/2017
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Author Biography

Randall Jarmon, Ph.D. has followed such an unusual path that few novelists will tell a story the way he does.

Dr. Jarmon started out as an English major at heart, but ended up with an engineering degree. It imparted a keen interest in technology.

He once got more than his share of elite military training. Those few years were a good opportunity to learn about tactics, weaponry, martial arts, and so forth.

He has worked in a world-class manufacturing setting and a world-class R&D center. Part of the fun for those with technical backgrounds is determining when the technology in his stories goes from fact to fiction. The shifts will be subtle. Expect to miss some.

He earned a pretty good MBA. Later he earned a doctorate (in Management) well worth having. Among other things, he now easily explains the complex organization of human effort. Look for good plots clearly set forth.

More than six months each year, Dr. Jarmon, his wife, and their golden retriever live along the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon. This vast canyon starts not far from Amarillo and tries unsuccessfully to reach Austin. When not in West Texas, the Jarmons may be in Arizona. They have two children and six grandchildren.

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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Mudfoot and Tori by Randall Jarmon is a huge entertainment, featuring very compelling characters and a complex plot. David Mudfoot is a man who has shouldered all kinds of weather, has been in very tight situations, and has beaten the odds. Now he makes a priceless find for Dawson and Alicia Wicks, a powerful couple with far-reaching influence. But he becomes rich and it seems many people want a piece of his wealth, and they aren’t people who are forgiving. A new twist appears when Victoria Winston comes into the plot, but there is a looming threat from a terrorist group who will stop at nothing to see Mudfoot down.

Filled with drama and intrigue, Mudfoot and Tori explores a story that revolves around very compelling characters and exciting themes. The writing is beautiful and the author uses dialogue sparingly and in a very intelligent way, a great read for those who are into elegant, crisp, and well-crafted prose. I enjoyed the way the dialogue helps in deepening character development and plot. Randall Jarmon is surely one of the highly imaginative writers to read. He has a keen eye for detail and weaves intricacies into a plot that is both fast-paced and gripping. Readers will love his characters, especially Mudfoot and Tori, who are every bit as real as the next neighbor. A great read, indeed.

Sefina Hawke

Mudfoot and Tori by Randall Jarmon is a Christian fiction story that will appeal most to an audience made up of Christian adults and young adults who enjoy Christian fiction. Mudfoot and Tori follows David Mudfoot, a man who has survived all that life has thrown at him, which includes grizzly bears, Alaskan storms, and professional killers. After all that, he still managed to get the gold and keep his life intact, yet now he is in for an even bigger challenge as God sends David Mudfoot to Victoria Winston.

Move over National Treasure and make room for David Mudfoot in Mudfoot and Tori by Randall Jarmon. This is very well written Christian fiction with an understandable plot, developed characters, and beautiful crafted scenery descriptions. I really enjoyed Mudfoot and Tori as I felt like I could understand David Mudfoot’s attitude towards putting himself out there for dating, and how he would rather be at his computer than on a date. This is an attitude that I also have, yet I have never come across a fictional character that shared it before, so it was a rather novel experience for me. Now while I really enjoyed David Mudfoot’s character, I have to say his dog was the character that won my heart. I loved how David Mudfoot had such a loyal companion, ready to help and support him when needed!

Lucinda E Clarke

Mudfoot and Tori by Randall Jarmon is the story of a young man who is hired to work for a very wealthy couple who prospect for gold and then buy and sell it to governments and third world countries. Looking for gold in far flung places such as South America and Alaska has often led Mudfoot and his boss into dangerous situations, not only from wildlife, but from members of the criminal world who are out to get the gold. Dawson and Alicia Wicks use sophisticated computer programmes to pinpoint undiscovered gold deposits and when they find a promising new location in Montshire, they send Mudfoot off to investigate. David Mudfoot is heavily guarded at all times by an impressive array of security guards from a top level company. Things are further complicated by the inept dealings at the local university which awards degrees to those barely capable of waiting on tables and then throw in a few terrorists for good measure.

Although it is described as a Christian genre book, the religious part was beautifully handled and only mentioned now and again. All the main characters are committed Christians and lead good lives, if you turn a blind eye to the fact that they kill rather a lot of people – but only the bad people of course – apart from that, all the main characters are absolutely perfect. Often in literature this can be irritating, but in Mudfoot and Tori, Randall Jarmon handles the ‘goodness’ so well in a really funny book. As a reader, I only became aware of this when I noticed the silly names given to people and places – most of the action takes place in East Frogpatch for example, and the entertaining explanations of how to cover up lowering academic standards are hysterically funny. Part adventure, part thriller, part Christian, part comedy, part warfare and part incredulous, all rolled in together made this a thoroughly enjoyable read as long as you suspend normal, everyday beliefs.

Christian Sia

Mudfoot and Tori by Randall Jarmon is a crime story with a great setting and compelling characters beautifully laid on it. Well-plotted and executed with elegance and mastery. Readers are introduced to David Mudfoot, an eccentric character with unusual skills, a man who has survived a lot in his line of work, and who is to undergo the greatest challenge of his life. After making a discovery that sets him apart as one of the richest men in the land, he becomes a target for many who will do anything to lay their hands on his wealth. The presence of Victoria Winston could have helped to boost his morale, but they find themselves poised against a threat that could destroy everything Mudfoot has built. Can he meet the challenge this time?

There is a lot to love in this book. First off, the story is well-paced and the writing is excellent. Readers will undoubtedly enjoy Randall Jarmon’s prose, which is polished, and the overall writing is well-honed. The characters are interesting and readers will enjoy looking out for Mudfoot and Tori. For some reason, I seemed to like everything about David Mudfoot, a man who could take care of himself, discreet, and downright simple. Watching him in the midst of conflict is interesting as well. Tori plays an invaluable role in the story and she is one of the well-explored characters. The themes — adventure, intrigue, love and friendship, terrorism, and many others — are seamlessly woven into the very fabric of the story. The conflict grows steadily and it is one of the powerful ingredients that help to get the plot moving forward. Overall, Mudfoot and Tori is a satisfying and entertaining read. A well-imagined and beautifully written story.