Muldooneys & Me

Muldooneys & Me

Non-Fiction - Inspirational
208 Pages
Reviewed on 08/25/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

She’s been an athlete in her high school days, an actress in her twenties, has had a good stint in television and built a great career in the fashion industry, and in all these endeavours Marlene P. Naicker has been driven by one single thought: ride beyond her limits. In this spellbinding, inspirational and entertaining memoir, the author explores her career and leads readers to the moment of epiphany, the moment that Muldooneys was born. Readers encounter a woman with a vision, a dream, exploring her inspirations and the meaningful encounters that have shaped her life. But it is her philosophy that will keep most people turning the pages. But then something comes into the perfect picture, something the author never saw coming and something that will change her life in dramatic ways: cancer. Can she still push herself beyond the limits?

Muldooneys & Me by Marlene P. Naicker is a well-crafted memoir, a story with a purpose. The writing is wonderful and Marlene’s prose is imbued with insightful thoughts and uplifting words that will force readers to think about their own lives and what they are here for. The style is upbeat and readers will love the themes of love, friendship, family, dealing with illness, personal growth, and spirituality. These themes so well-knitted into the story that readers will find it delightful reading. Here is one insightful thought, laced with passion and the energy that is life itself that had me from the very first page: “Fearlessly dream because nobody, no matter how hard they may try, will ever be able to take away your conviction, to finally pushing the limits of your psyche, being open to failure, because in the end these lessons ultimately define who you really are.” Muldooneys & Me explores the joys and struggles of one woman as she works hard to create a life of meaning. You’ll look at life differently after reading this memoir.


A truly inspirational read! The writer has a flair and ensnares the reader into her world of fashion and colours whilst simultaneously displaying refreshing candour and honesty with her challenges and triumphs experienced by the onslaught of her illness. The chapters blend and takes you on this journey which reveals her upbringing, aspirations, disappointments and strengths. She shows that tenacity and determination can allow females to push through boundaries and achieve success despite all. She turns the designing of a handbag into a creative adventure! I loved it - made me look at my bags twice, wondering if there was a story behind them. This is definitely a book I will read again.