Podcast Journal

A fab & fun way to keep track of your favorite podcasts, hosts, & quotes!

Non-Fiction - Music/Entertainment
109 Pages
Reviewed on 12/05/2023
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Ann Linus for Readers' Favorite

Podcast Journal by Candace Gish is just what it says it is. It is a journal for keeping track of podcasts—hosts, takeaways, and everything in between. The journal starts with a table for listing podcasts and their venues or listening platforms. The next section provides checkboxes for tracking the episodes of podcasts that one has listened to. This is followed by a section for weekly and monthly scheduling. The last but most important section is for summarizing podcast episodes; it includes space for stating the host and guest of the podcast, as well as for ratings, notes, highlights, and best quotes.

This podcast journal is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The designs of the tables and text boxes are simple and beautiful, and the defined structure and spacious organization of the book make it easy to use. This cute and structured layout combination made me want to write in the journal. I was also intrigued by the Divas That Care Podcasts mentioned at the end of the book, so I checked it out. It is a podcast run by Candace Gish, and it provides support for women to rely on each other. Podcast Journal is a must-have for podcast enthusiasts. It will inspire them to record their podcast experiences, and the best thing about recording is that it helps with remembering. I find this book to be a good alternative to jotting things down in my notepad. Overall, I was impressed with the idea and presentation of this ingenious journal.

Luwi Nyakansaila

If you love listening to podcasts and find it hard to keep track of your favorite ones, then this book is for you. Podcast Journal by Candace Gish provides a blueprint for making a listening schedule that will fit your lifestyle. The book contains sections to list all your favorite podcasts and venues, track episodes, and make a weekly and monthly schedule. Each section has many details like guests, topics, personal takeaways, and favorite quotes from the episodes. The journal will ensure you never miss your favorite topics, guests, or hosts. Grab a copy of this book and enjoy filling it with your personalized podcast plan.

Podcasts are a great source of information and entertainment, but finding time to listen to them with our busy schedules can be difficult. Podcast Journal is a unique and creative tool to plan your podcast schedule. Candace Gish has made the layout versatile, ensuring its use for podcasts of all genres, and has included Shortforms, Longforms, and fiction podcast sections. The book also has illustrations of microphones, clipboards, and hearts that are perfectly placed and make it look visually appealing. The social media links at the end of every form are a great addition for anyone who would love to keep a digital account of their podcast. These make it easy to source and recap a podcast and pick up on things you might have missed. I truly loved this book and recommend getting one for yourself, a friend, or a family member who enjoys listening to podcasts.

Essien Asian

When the first iteration of what we would call podcasts came into existence in the latter stages of 2000, very few people expected it to be more than a passing trend. Over two decades down the line, the service has grown from an early fad with little traction to a nearly essential aspect of our daily information regimen. For most podcast followers, the general idea is to pick a program and go with the flow as the case may dictate but would it not be a better experience if one could have their daily dose of podcasts prepared in an orderly fashion well ahead of time? Candace Gish has combined elements of past and present to create a journal to do just that for the avid listener which is aptly titled Podcast Journal.

Candace Gish comes up with a uniquely retro way of staying up to date on those podcasts you hate to miss. Her workbook, if I may call it that, is stylishly designed to engage the user continuously. Its clipboard-styled pages are ideal for drawing up your listening schedule and the podcast episode tracker helps you maintain some degree of order when following each of your subscribed podcasts. I did find the section for podcasts that one is yet to listen to quite interesting as it has the potential to encourage a user to take their podcasts seriously. In an era when everyone is moving away from paper and focusing on all things digital, plaudits must go to Candace for the impressive level of creativity that makes Podcast Journal an entertaining and fully engaging book. Digital-loving techies will find it worthwhile when using it.