Rebel's Trap

Christian - Fiction
546 Pages
Reviewed on 11/13/2015
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Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite

I just put down Rebel's Trap by author Randall Jarmon, and all I can say is "Wow." This book was a rip-roaring read from the very first page. Protagonist John Travis is living an extremely difficult and dangerous life. There aren't too many people that make their living as bait for murderers, but that's what he does. And when he's assigned to be the protector for the daughter of a man who was a spymaster in the Cold War, his life doesn't improve much from there. The woman despises him, and John is as likely to be killed as she is in his attempts to protect her.

This was an extremely exciting book. It kept me on the edge of my seat and reading from the very first page until the end. I had only planned to read a few chapters before bed, but instead, I was finishing up at 2 am! Author Randall Jarmon has done a great job at incorporating some Christian ideals and beliefs that a reader would not exactly expect to see into the story line. His characters, especially that of John Travis, were ones that his readers will relate to, care about, and continue to think of long after the book is finished. If that isn't a hallmark of a great writer, I'm not sure what is. I recommend Rebel's Trap and certainly hope that author Randall Jarmon is hard at work on his next book as we speak. I, for one, will definitely be waiting to read it!

Chris Fischer

In an exciting and adventurous new read by author Randall Jarmon, Rebel's Trap will take readers on a real thrill ride! Follow the story of John Travis, a man who has found himself in quite a predicament. His life has pretty much bottomed out. He works as a bait for killers, something he never could have anticipated being his life. Just when he thinks things couldn't really get much worse, a notorious spymaster from the Cold War era wants him to protect his daughter, something that John isn't sure he'll be able to do without losing his own life. And when the daughter decides that she absolutely cannot stand him, it certainly doesn't make his job any easier. Will they get out alive? You'll need to read the book to find out!

I very much enjoyed Rebel's Trap. Author Randall Jarmon had done a fantastic job at writing a book that will suck readers in from the very first page and keep them obsessively reading until the end. His character development is deep, especially for an action adventure based story line, and his writing style is so exciting that at times you'll feel your own heart racing right along with the characters. Any reader who enjoys a thrilling read, action, adventure, suspense, a read with a strong moral message or just a great read in general would love Rebel's Trap. I highly recommend this book, and certainly look forward to reading more from Randall Jarmon as soon as I possibly can!

Rabia Tanveer

Rebel's Trap by Randall Jarmon is the story of two very unlikely people who meet under unusual circumstances and now they are essential to each other’s safety. John Travis is living the hard life. His career as a counter-assassin is not going well and he is slowly losing everything he ever valued in life. In order to preserve what was left of it, he takes a job, an unusual job for him. Instead of targeting other people, he becomes a target. Now he is paid to trap terrorists and do his job well because otherwise the terrorists would kill him.

But now things are getting even harder. He is hired by a man who was a successful spy during the Cold War and he wants Travis to protect his daughter, Mary O'Connell. Mary’s life is in danger and Travis must protect her with all that he has. There is one tiny problem; Mary loathes him. She hates him, she despises him, and that makes Travis’ job even harder.

Another great work by Randall Jarmon; this author knows how to write a novel that engages the reader. Plus, he has the ability to make the novel feel like a movie. If any producer or director ever picks up his novels, the screenplay writers and editors will not have to do much. This action packed, thrilling ride takes you on a journey with John, who will make you loathe, love, hate and adore the characters through his eyes. You will not just like this novel, you will love it and wish there is more to come from John Travis.

Michelle Stanley

“Offense can be a very dangerous defense” – Rebel’s Trap by Randall Jarmon. Temperamental artist Mary O’Connell insists on driving herself home, unaware that killers are waiting for her. Their plan goes awry when Mary’s father, Quentin, asks John “Rebel” Travis, a former member of Vectors who eliminated despotic enemies worldwide, to protect Mary. This infuriates Mary who dislikes John, and she soon realizes how pitiless he can be when the killers chase them. While hiding in a safe house, John collaborates with Quentin and Mary’s uncle, Blue Dog, to extract the killers by becoming the bait. However, the mastermind behind this latest attack is Valkyrie, cold-hearted but as highly trained as John is, and she is always one step ahead of him in the murderous game she loves playing.

Rebel’s Trap is the fourth book by Randall Jarmon that I have read and enjoyed immensely. Although it contains plenty of action and espionage, a lovely Christian presence blends very nicely into the theme. It is an exciting story, more so because the author included specific characters and places from another book I am familiar with, which impressed me a great deal. Rebel’s Trap is not a book that one quickly skims through, as the story is so absorbing with intricate details and twists that make it even more intriguing. The characters are extremely strong with convincing dialogue within a wonderful setting. Randall Jarmon has become one of my favourite authors whose writing is never repetitious, but always unique.