Run For Your Life

Fiction - General
360 Pages
Reviewed on 07/30/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boiling for Readers' Favorite

This story is about a lecture/seminar on alligator attacks. The lecture takes place in the community center of a mobile home park in Florida. Doctor Anthony Lucas is an expert on the topic. A friend of his was killed by an alligator. He has since dedicated his life to informing the public concerning the dangers of living close to the creatures.

Each chapter introduces readers to a different resident of the park. Early on, we meet Nora, a widow. She has never seen an alligator before, but thinks she may have seen a young one behind her home. On her way to the seminar she meets a neighbor. She and Peter are instantly attracted to each other. Dr. Lucas has an obvious attraction to Nora.

Meanwhile, a neighbor finds a hole in their chain link fence. The wire was not cut but pushed in. Something strange was happening in their small community. The events all began the night of the seminar.

I love to watch the Sci Fi channel on the weekend when they have shark and alligator shows. You know the ones. They are really B movies with a predictable plot and usually poor acting. The tale usually involves a gigantic creature seeking or stalking people. There is usually an idiot or two swimming in the infested waters. This book reminds me a bit of that type of movie, only better. This book could have been utterly ridiculous, but it isn’t. The suspense slowly builds as the neighbors find evidence of a toothy invader. They attempt to piece together the facts looking for an answer.

"Run For Your Life" by P.B. LaSalle is a delightful read. The cover cleverly hints at what lies inside. Suspense, romance and a bit of humor make this a great summer read. I don’t think I would want to read it while vacationing in Florida. The ending was rather surprising. I expected a completely different turn of events. The characters were charming and drew me into the story. I enjoyed this book and it definitely isn’t a “B” book!