Second Labor

Mothers Share POST-Birth Stories

Non-Fiction - Parenting
150 Pages
Reviewed on 11/15/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for Readers' Favorite

It seems that every mother is more than willing to share her pregnancy and labor stories, but what about after the baby is born? Why is this topic taboo? Second Labor (Mothers Share POST-Birth Stories) by Chaya Kasse Valier is a realistic look into the true-life experiences of two dozen mothers' labor and after birth accounts. As the author has said, there is always a post-birth story. So why do people focus on the birth story? Could it be that mothers are too ashamed to admit the fear, pain, and imbalances they experience in the post-partum months?

This book shows post-partum for what it is; at times uncomfortable, at others traumatizing, or simply effortless and joyous. Revealing the stories behind the stories, these women recount their post-birth experiences honestly and with courage. Showing the unglamorous, and sometimes messy side of first-time parenting, this book delves into the true meaning of parenthood. If you think you are a terrible person for struggling to connect to your new baby, or you have started resenting junior for crying incessantly, do not despair! There are many other parents just like you. Take a look at the realistic side of life after birth and laugh and cry with the brave mothers that have challenged society's rules to tell the real stories of post-partum.

Second Labor (Mothers Share POST-Birth Stories) by Chaya Kasse Valier is a heartwarming compilation of narratives for new mothers, written by new and seasoned mothers. I found this book to be refreshingly honest. I remember feeling like a failure as a new mother when everything seemed to go wrong. I certainly would have benefited from this book; it would have been nice to know that other mothers aren't perfect also! I would recommend this book to soon-to-be, new and seasoned parents, as every birthing parent can relate and sympathize with at least one story in this indispensable parenting book.